Story Time

This dog was kicked out when he dug into the coffin the police had to intervene

This dog was kicked out when he. Dug into the coffin, the police had to intervene. Dogs are faithful and friendly to human beings, most likely because of their genes. A new study published in the Journal. Science Advances is says a team of scientists from Indiana and the United States. Found variations in several dog genes that make them friendlier than Wolves from whom they’re descended. Some people would say dogs are loyal.

Just because they depend on us for. Food and shelter, so they have to. Be nice to us. But when you see how dogs react when they’re humans and canine friends come back after they’ve been gone for a. Long time, or when they don’t come. Back at all, you know it’s about. More than just food. Dogs are pack animals. They want to belong to a pack.

Whether it’s made up of dogs or. Humans or pretty much any animal. Dogs aren’t loners. When they lose a member of the. Pack, even temporarily, they feel that a. Part of them is missing a dog. A good dog is a pure soul. That wants nothing other than to eat well, sleep comfortably, run, chase and please its owner. From a spiritual perspective, I believe dogs. Are a gift to mankind from our Creator. Take the religion out of it and.

Think of it scientifically. Dogs have been adapting for over 10,000 years to be our companions. Either way, a good dog’s loyalty is. About the purest thing on this Earth. Anna married for love. Or rather, she thought so. The girl was very much in love. And was so happy that it was hard to put into words. A simple village girl would have been. So lucky to get a city bridegroom in a rich one. Lucky as lucky. In fact, Anna had two wedding ceremonies, one in the capital at the Wedding.

Palace, in a restaurant with her husband’s. Friends, and the second in the countryside in Anna’s homeland. As to bring the entire village to. The capital for the wedding was unrealistic, and to try not to invite anyone. Everyone would be mortally offended. If only she knew what it would. Lead to very soon. It’s all an enviable marriage. We’ll tell you about it in today’s exciting story. Anna was all too well known throughout.

The village since she was a girl. She was a kind of sympathetic girl. But she was an orphan. How could one not pay attention to such a girl? The whole village brought her up, though. She already had an aunt, but she. Was in no hurry to take care. Of the girl and considered her a burden. From an early age. She was burdened with housework and early chores. Anna met her husband on one of her study trips. Almost the whole village was happy for the girl. When she was finally able to get. Rid of her aunt.

Perhaps she was not the only person in the world who would definitely not be invited to the wedding. Her aunt’s only regret was that she’d. Lost both her free servant and her. Slave, and everything would have been all. Right except that Anna died three years after the wedding. The couple had no time to have. Children, and the lost husband brought his beloved to bury her in the native village. Stunned by such news, the villagers didn’t even ask why they were burying Anna.

Here and not in the capital. They thought it was the right thing to do. The girls should be buried with her. Parents in the village Cemetery when the coffin was brought to the village without consolation. For some reason, her husband kept insisting that the lid of the coffin must not be opened. He said that his wife didn’t die for nothing. There’d been a terrible accident. She’d been heavily treated, and her face was completely disfigured.

The villagers agreed and started digging a hole in the Cemetery. Everyone came to the funeral. Anna’s only aunt wasn’t there then. The priest said there would be no. Funeral until she showed up. She ruined the whole girl’s life so. At least let her go to her. Last resting place normally. And if she didn’t show up, he. Would order the police officer to drag her to the Cemetery by force, where. Her aunt showed up and scolded him.

What in the world? The police didn’t think of her bad temper. He hoped that at least the Cemetery. At such a time of morning a. Woman would behave decently. But it wasn’t so. Only when she turned up, she began to swear at everyone for forcing her to come here. And then she came to the coffin. And spat right on the lid, wishing. Anna to burn in hell. And at that very moment, black smoke billowed from all the crevices of the.

Coffin, and a Brown dog appeared, who. Kept pushing the coffin to finally drop. Down on the ground and began digging. People started screaming, which the aunt had to leave. The smoke kept billowing and billowing, and suddenly a coughing sound was heard from the coffin. Some of the people shouted that the.

Girl was alive and needed to get her out of the coffin immediately. Several people rushed to open the coffin at once, and when they opened the lid, Anna sat up and began greedily groping for air. The fire was put out, and the. Pseudo deceased was taken to the paramedic. While everyone fussed without consideration, the husband hastily left the village, leaving his miraculously resurrected wife. But how did this happen, and why here?

Anna told her sad story of marriage. At first she and her husband really. Had love, but her enlightened rich man. Was quickly played up by the village idiot. In addition, when Anna got pregnant, he forced her to have an abortion, and then he forced her again. That’s when Anna realized that she was caught in a golden cage. She had nowhere to go back, and. She accepted the fact that her husband. Made a servant of her.

She accepted it when he disappeared at. Night and even brought mistresses into the house. The only company she got was a. Brown Shepherd dog, which she raised in the garden of her house. Yeah, the one that rescued her. But when her husband said that his. Mistress would live with him and give birth to his son, Anna decided to file for divorce. But here’s the problem. In a divorce, the husband would still.

Have to share some of his fortune. With Anna, and the husband didn’t want to share his property and money with his annoying wife. That’s when the bastard thought up the. Whole sordid story with a nonexistent accident. Hasty and buried in the village, at home in a closed coffin. Calculation was simple. No one in the countryside would check. No one would ask for certificates. But what had happened? Where did all the smoke and mysticism come from After all, she was not already on. Heavy doses of sleeping pills.

She certainly should not have been awake. This early, whether it was the delayed. Funeral or some other circumstance. But Anna suddenly woke up hearing voices and screams outside. The girl didn’t understand why everything was dark around her, what had happened to her, and where she was. The last thing she remembered was the coffee she drank for breakfast. She had a terrible headache. Anna noticed that her arms were folded. Across her chest, as if a dead.

Man tried to get her up, but she couldn’t even extend her arms. Cold sweat ran through her suspicions were justified. She’s in a coffin. Good Lord, she’s alive after all. The girl began to fumble for space around her. She wanted to roll over, but she couldn’t. Suddenly there was something behind her, very. Familiar, as if something whistled. Then she fell asleep and went quiet. Anna guessed that it was matches. By some happy coincidence, there were matches in her coffin. She moved and heard that sound again.

She fumbled for the box but had. Little idea what to do with it. Judging from the fact that she could. Clearly hear voices outside, Anne understood that. She had not yet been buried, and the aunt was yelling louder and louder. It was impossible not to recognize her voice. The girl heard her aunt’s wish to burn in hell. Immediately a thought came to her mind. It was a lifesaver. She returned the match and whispered to. Her like for the rest of the hell.

She returned the match and whispered to. Her like that for the rest of. Her life in hell. And the next thing she knows is to see smoke and screams. After some brief questioning, they still had to call an ambulance, and it was not getting any better and had to be hospitalized. At the hospital, they found out that. She was expecting a baby, and then.

Investigators, prosecutors, and an Enquirer came to her room. Her husband had enough money to make Anna guilty. He bribed everyone to stay free himself. But then one day, a strange guy. Came to her room. He was badly beaten, limping, had bruises and abrasions all over his face. He introduced himself as Anton. As it turned out, he was the one who made the coffin at her husband’s request. When the incident of the Cemetery happened.

The husband came to him at first with complaints. He beat the guy badly for failing to make the coffin thicker So that the oxygen would not get inside at all. And his wife suffocated quickly. As Anna was being placed in the coffin, the guy noticed something wrong and slipped some matches in unnoticed. It was the only thing he found in his pocket. When her spouse came to her with complaints, he realized that his plan succeeded.

And that the girl survived. But it was not difficult to find. Her at the regional hospital. Her husband tried to go to her once, but the nurses didn’t let visitors in court. The boy was the only witness And Anna was acquitted from all charges. Then she filed for divorce and got everything from the scoundrel, the business, the real estate, the money. His mistress, for the sake of which he did such a cruel thing to.

His wife, Immediately left him and without. Regret, had an abortion. Anna decided to keep her own baby. But not despite her ex husband. She simply believed that all the child. Was responsible for her sins of her. Parents and was just the way she was. By the way, Anton supported her not only in court, but also in divorce. And as far as the child was. Concerned, soon the young people were married.

Taking black shepherd with them. Only now Anna understood what real love and Fidelity and happiness is. Not all about finding a rich bridegroom. From the capital, but about finding a. Man who will love you with all his heart and support you in every situation in life. Even if you happen to wake up in a coffin in the middle of. A funeral, most dogs will show loyalty. To whoever is feeding it, Training it.

And walking it until that situation may change and the dog has another owner. Who provides similar care for it, and. Then it will accept the new situation and give its loyalty to them. Old dogs may find a change in. Ownership Harder to get used to than a younger dog will. But many older dogs do change hands. And the dog does attach itself to.

A new owner and environment without a backward glance at its former owner. How a dog responds to a change in owner and environment and how easily. It adapts can also depend on the temperament of the dog. A confident and bold outgoing natured dog.