This Guy Was Expecting Quintuplets But Then He Learned His Girlfriend’s Terrible Truth

For as long as he could remember, Paul Cervont always wanted a family of his own. So when he found a soulmate in Barbara Bienvenue, he couldn’t wait to begin a life with her, and that included having kids.

When Bienvenue announced she was pregnant with quintuplets, Cervont couldn’t have been more thrilled. But strange things began to happen during her nine-month pregnancy. Then, on the day of the birth, no one could have imagined what she had to say, making Cervont wish he had never met her.

Paul Cervant lived and worked in Montreal, Canada, and while loving friends and family surrounded him, something was missing. He was in his mid-thirties, working six days out of the week, and was single. Looking around at his loved ones, he realized he wanted someone to spend his life with.

He wanted a family of his own. Recognizing that he wanted a lot more than what he currently had, Cervont decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. With many of his friends and family happily married and having children, Cervant realized he wanted the same thing for himself, and he was finally at a point in his life where he was ready to take the first step. He was on a stable career path, even if it took a lot of his time, healthy, and ready to find someone to settle down with. Now came the hard part.

In order to find his other half, Cervat had to step out of his comfort zone. Thankfully, technology makes it fairly simple for people to meet other singles in the area. There are multiple smartphone applications to sign up for depending on your preference and a partner. Since Cervot’s job was pretty demanding and kept him busy a majority of the week, a dating app for him was the way to go. So he went ahead and made an account, hoping this would help him find a match made in heaven.

After setting up an online dating account, it took a bit of time before he started talking to someone. After some searching, a woman named Barbara Bienvenue piqued his interest. They began talking, and it didn’t take long for Cervot to enjoy her company. Cervot soon fell for her personality and how he could easily make her laugh. Could Cervot have found the one he was looking for?

He sure hoped so. Both Cervad and Bienvenue believed they had a special connection, or as much of a connection as two thirty-somethings can have over the internet. So after virtually talking for some time, they decided to meet in Montreal. Hopefully, it wasn’t some catfishing scheme, and Bienvenue was actually who she said she was. Well, there was only one way to find out.

Cervot was going to dive into the meeting headfirst with an open mind. Thankfully, Bienvenue was who she said she was, and when Cervant first laid eyes on her in Montreal, he knew their bond was something special. The two instantly clicked, constantly dating over the next few weeks. It was safe to say their relationship was developing into something more than an online long-distance romance. Cervot fell in love with her, trusting her even though they’d only known each other for a short period.

He realized soon that there was a reason people don’t trust strangers. Two months into dating, Bienvenue told Cervant they needed to have a serious conversation. Honestly, that phrase typically spells trouble for the other party. With that thought in mind, Cervot was confused. He thought their relationship was going well, so what could be the issue?

Although they were still deciding if the other was the one, Cervot didn’t think they had any outstanding issues between them. What could Bienvenue possibly want to have a serious talk about? Walking toward him with a big smile on her face, Bienvenue dropped a bomb. She was pregnant. This was not the news Cervi was expecting to come out of his new girlfriend’s mouth.

Frozen, it took Cervod a few seconds to digest what she just said to him. They were going to be parents. He was going to be a father. They were going to start a family together. Then he broke out in a smile of his own.

Just a few months ago, Cervat was daydreaming about finding someone to spend his life with, having kids, and starting a family. Now his dream was becoming a reality right in front of his eyes. You’d think he’d just won the lottery with how happy he was. And he wasn’t the only one thrilled by the news. Cervat’s friends and family rejoiced, knowing how important the stage in Cervot’s life was to him.

So they threw the happy couple a party and started counting down the days to the birth. Like many in their first trimester, Bienvenue had a rough time adjusting to the many changes happening to her body. She was gaining weight, having mood swings, and was experiencing the worst morning sickness. Being a first-timer himself, Cervat was worried for her as well as the baby. So he insisted she move into his house.

That way, his family could help take care of her while he was at work. She agreed, and the two were soon living under the same roof. As the months dragged on, Bienvenue’s belly became bigger and bigger. So big, in fact, that the couple was beginning to wonder if maybe there was more than one baby inside. Instead of playing a guessing game, they made a doctor’s appointment.

There, Bienvenue learned she was pregnant with twins. Cervat couldn’t believe it. He was excited about one child, but two was even better in his mind. Little did he know that they were about to get more news. As Bienvenue continued to go to doctor’s appointments, she received more startling news.

The mama and babies were healthy, but it looked as though another baby was in the mix. As it turned out, Bienvenue was pregnant with triplets. But that wasn’t the end of it. During Bienvenue’s final ultrasound, the couple learned that they needed to buy a few more baby things because they were about to be the parents of quintuplets. Servant and Bienvenue were beyond thrilled with the prospect of having

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