This Hole Appeared Out Of Nowhere, Only Now Have Scientists Solved The Mystery

Adrenaline Junkie Discovers Mysterious Hole in Lake Berryessa Using Drone

Extreme Trends presents: This mysterious hole appeared out of nowhere, and now we may know why. There are mysteries around us everywhere, and the world is full of wonders. One of these is the mysterious hole that opened in Lake Berryessa, seemingly out of nowhere last year.

Nobody was certain what it was, where it came from, or where the water was going. Then, Evan Kilkis used a drone to explore the strange pit, and what he found inside was truly outrageous. Kilkis, known on YouTube as Evan K, is an adrenaline junkie who worked at the boat and jet ski rental at Lake Berryessa. He loved drones and explored the lake with his drone in his spare time. One day, while flying the drone, he noticed something weird.

Kilkis saw what appeared to be a massive hole that had formed on Lake Berryessa. But when he decided to investigate further, he quickly regretted it. From a distance, Kilkis had seen something odd while flying his drone over Lake Berryessa: a large hole on the surface of the lake.

Man Discovers Mysterious Hole in Lake Using Drone Footage, Seeks Safe Exploration Options

The odd shape had seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and he wanted to see what it was. But when he started to fly his drone towards the massive hole on the lake, he ran into an unforeseen complication. Evan’s drone screen began to flash when it approached the hole, and he managed to pilot it back to safety just in time.

The battery was low, and obviously, Kilkis didn’t want to risk losing the drone in the hole. After he landed the drone safely, he excitedly took a look at the footage. He knew he had discovered something awesome, but he still didn’t know what was inside. Kilkis wanted to continue exploring the hole in the lake but had no idea how to do it safely. How could he see what was inside the massive hole he had just discovered? His drone wouldn’t survive, and he himself wasn’t going to risk jumping down there. After a bit of thinking, Evan came up with a plan to get footage from inside the Lake anomaly.

California Drought Unveils Mysterious Hole in Lake Berryessa, Scientists Investigate After Rainy Season

Kilkis flew the drone towards the massive hole, skimming by the perimeter to see if anything was out of the ordinary. If he saw something that piqued his interest, he would investigate further. But not knowing the origin of the hole, he was unprepared for the mission’s massive undertaking. You see, over the previous decade, California had suffered through an intense period of drought. This had destabilized the ecosystem in the area, including Lake Berryessa, whose water levels had decreased significantly, leaving the lake virtually barren. What was once a gushing water bed was now a depressing arid location. Locals never imagined that this area could or would be restored, but when it finally started to rain, something incredible occurred. When the rains began in California, it poured, and this was a real blessing. The land was no longer dry, and a dramatic change was taking place in Lake Berryessa.

Drone Investigation Reveals Cause of Mysterious Hole in Dam

In fact, the hole that Evan Kilkis had found, which was as much as 72 feet wide, appeared after the torrential rains had subsided. But holes don’t just pop up out of nowhere; there had to be an explanation. Meanwhile, the massive hole had drawn more than just Kilkis’s attention. Anyone driving near that area of the dam was left wondering about it. Onlookers gathered from all over and stared at the seemingly bottomless opening.

But when Evan Kilkis did a little more investigating, he got to the bottom of the truth. When Kilkis brought his drone to the lakeside, he was ready for an amazing discovery. Heart pounding, he flew the drone directly toward the hole. As it approached the hole, he couldn’t see anything unusual. But when the drone flew over the dam wall, Kilkis was caught off guard. Water was gushing at the foot of the hole, like a massive gutter was spewing water out of a massive rainstorm. Ironically, that’s what Kilkis had discovered.

Mysterious Hole in California Lake Revealed to be Man-Made Slipway

The mysterious hole was nothing more than a man-made slipway. Kilkis discovered that the slipway was created at the same time as Lake Berryessa, which is the seventh-largest man-made lake in California and contains an inconceivable volume of water. The slipway had been created to make sure that the lake would never overflow. It also keeps the area and the dam wall safe from a buildup of water pressure. But why hadn’t anyone seen this in over 10 years?

Well, since California had experienced a prolonged drought, and the water level was so low, the slipway had no real purpose for many years. So the slipway was closed and eventually forgotten. Now, in most cases, slipways often run through sections of the dam wall over them, but an unusual design for Lake Berryessa led to the appearance of a hole in the lake. Evan Kilkis uploaded the drone footage to his YouTube channel, which at the time had about 32,000 followers.

Mysterious ‘Waterfall’ Hole in California Continues to Mesmerize Despite Scientific Explanation

Most of his videos were watched a few hundred to a couple of thousand times, but the video clips of the slipway caught the attention of millions. And despite the fairly simple explanation, the hole still mesmerizes people. Although the mystery of the hole has been solved, people continue to feel a strange pull towards it. And if you haven’t seen it yourself, you should definitely do it. If you happen to be in California, it’s worth a trip to see Lake Berryessa and its mysterious hole.

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