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This Video Shook the whole World! Baby Girl Born Pregnant With Twins

This video shook the whole world baby girl born and pregnant with twins children grows and develops at different rates, while their developmental pathways may differ most pass. With a set of predictable milestones along the way, it’s normal for children to experience developmental, spurts and slow spots in different areas of their development over time, but like any newborn, they have several facial characteristics that may overwhelm their more distinctive features.

So you have to look closely hair eye and skin color are the easiest separators size, development, two genders. If they’re naked look for underlying bone structures, the shape of the head, the placement of the cheekbones, the depth of the eyes, ears are often quite different. Mouths and noses are often very similar but can be positioned differently.

In the end, I think they all smell different, but very few people seem to notice smells and a lot of baby products are scented and can overwhelm that and once the swelling of birth trauma recedes. Of course, the differences stand out.

A baby born in hong kong was pregnant with her own siblings at the time of her birth. According to a new report of the infant’s case, the baby’s condition known as fetus infitu is incredibly rare occurring in only about 1 in every five hundred thousand births. It’s not clear exactly why it happens.

Weird things happen early in the pregnancy that we just don’t understand, said dr dream, birch, an obstetrician and gynecologist in Pittsburgh, who goes by dr dre. This is one of those medical mysteries. The world health organization considers a tiny fetus found within an infant to be a kind of teratoma or tumor, rather than a normally developing fetus.

But the doctors who treated the baby girl wrote that, rather than a teratoma, the tiny fetuses may instead be the remains of sibling twins that were absorbed during the pregnancy missed in checkup. The newborn baby was referred to dr you kiman, an obstetrician and gynecologist at queen elizabeth hospital in hong kong, because the baby was suspected to have a tumor.

According to the case report, the mother’s prenatal ultrasound had revealed an unusual mass within the infant, but it was unclear to the doctors exactly what the mass was during surgery, which was done when the girl was about three weeks old. The surgeons discovered two fetuses between her liver and her kidney, one fetus weighed 0.3 ounces or 9.3 grams and the other 0.5 ounces or 14.

grams, corresponding to about eight to ten weeks gestation. The case report said each of the babies had an umbilical cord that linked to a placenta-like mass in the girl’s belly. The baby girl was obviously too young to have conceived the fetuses herself. Instead, it’s likely that the girl was once one of triplets. The researchers said.

Then, for some mysterious reason, the two smaller fetuses were absorbed into the body of the remaining child. The fetuses would likely have still been alive and growing when they were absorbed into the surviving baby’s body. Once there, however, their development couldn’t proceed. Normally bird said they need placenta flow and all of that other stuff to really grow. Birch told live science.

When you do a delivery and you see an extra placenta and cord you say, oh it must have been a twin burt said: fetus infetu has been reported in about 200 cases in the medical literature. In 2006, doctors in pakistan removed two fetuses from a two-month-old girl named nazia. According to nbc news and in 2011 an 18 eighteen-year-old boy had his retained, twin removed in a major surgery. The seattle post intelligence are reported in rare instances. Fetuses that die in utero can become calcified and turn into stone.

In august 2014, doctors in india removed a lythopedian or stone baby that a 60 year old woman had carried in her body for 36 years. She went to the doctor complaining of abdominal pain and a lump in her lower belly. Each structure included a spine, intestines bones and bone marrow, primitive brain matter, a rib cage and an umbilical cord. According to the study, the study authors said that the partially formed fetuses with the baby girl shared the same dna, fitting a popular theory that the woman was initially pregnant, with identical triplets. But researchers aren’t sure this is what happened.

Judging by the body parts they found in the baby girl, the doctors determined that the absorbed twins could have been up to 10 weeks old before their growth stopped and they were absorbed. But the mechanism for this absorption is not fully understood.

The study authors wrote it’s also possible. The extra fetuses were absorbed earlier and grew with the baby girl in the womb. The authors suggested that perhaps these structures may have been a teratoma, a kind of tumor containing different types of tissue that is usually seen in women of reproductive age rather than absorbed identical siblings.

This wasn’t the only case for some women finding out that they’re pregnant can come as a huge surprise for Monica viga of Columbia. The shock came much later when she found out that she wasn’t the only one who was pregnant. Her baby was too. The condition is called fetus and fetu and is incredibly rare. Imagine giving birth to a baby girl via cesarean section at 37 weeks and then the baby having her own cesarean section within 24 hours, because she was born with a baby inside of her.

It sounds like something from a science fiction movie, but that’s exactly what happened in Columbia to Monica vega. It turns out that her baby girl, it’s mara, was seemingly pregnant with her own twin, due to a rare condition called fetus fetus fetus in fe2 happens when there are twins and the embryo does not divide correctly. Normally. In the case of twins, the division happens during the first week of gestation. Siamese twins occur when the division takes place during the second week.

Fetus infetu occurs when the division happens after 17 days and one twin is encapsulated in the body of the other, thus becoming a parasitic twin. This is a very rare condition that happens once in every one million pregnancies and usually isn’t discovered until after the mother has given birth. But that was not the case.

This time around Monica vega had an ultrasound that revealed something startling in Monica vega’s case when she was seven months pregnant. An ultrasound found two umbilical cords, one connected to baby etzmara to her mother and the other one connected its mara to a mass that was growing inside of her doctors can normally tell the difference because of how a fetus and fetus looks it’s a very specialized development.

You actually see a spine, you see legs, he said when you see the difference, you might say: well, actually, that’s essentially a fetus, or at least a partially developed fetus, because as crazy as it sounds, it looks like a developing baby in the case of the baby Born in Israel, doctors first noticed that the girl’s stomach looked bloated during an ultrasound of her mother, while she was still pregnant after her delivery, doctors examined the newborn and used ultrasounds and x-rays to understand the nature of the mass inside of her.

The decision was made to deliver its mara early via cesarean section, Dr Miguel Parra, an expert in high-risk pregnancies and Monica made the decision to deliver the baby at 37 weeks, cesarean section, when it was discovered that its mara, had a parasitic twin growing in her Abdomen, the worry was that the parasitic twin could keep growing inside of its mara and damage her internal organs.

It’s mara was only 24 hours old when she had to have surgery, as you can imagine, performing a c-section on a baby born at 37 weeks. Who is only 24 hours old is very risky. Fortunately, it’s mara is a trooper and was in capable hands.

She came out of surgery and is doing well. The girl had no idea that she’d been living with her dead, parasitic twin for nearly two decades after having absorbed it in the womb. Fortunately, doctors were able to remove the mass leading to the teen’s full recovery. I was much worried about my abdominal lump. She said.

Afterward, after the operation, i’m feeling very well – and my abdomen is now flat, and my parents are also very happy thanks to all the operating doctors. Vega’S case was, of course, extremely serious. Fortunately, she had the help of dr Miguel, para savidra, a professional at handling high-risk pregnancies. He first had to receive vega’s go-ahead to prematurely deliver her baby via c-section, but the most unnerving part of the whole process came a mere 24 hours. After vega welcomed her baby girl into the world.

She had to hand her off to surgeons, to conduct a c-section on the baby when she was only one day old. Thankfully, it’s been reported that the operation was a success and the baby is expected to have no further complications. If the mother and daughter had not undergone these emergency surgeries, this story may have taken a much bleaker turn. The parasitic twin could have not survived on its own. As for the parasitic twin that was removed, it could not have survived on its own as it was malformed and did not have a heart or brain.

The only reason the tissue was kept alive was that it was getting nutrition directly from its mara’s heart. There was a similar case in Honduras in 2018, in December 2018, hospital spokesman Miguel Osorio announced that hospital Gabriella had the first birth of a parasitic twin in 25 years. In that case, the parasitic twin had developed half of its body outside of the fully developed twin.

Can you imagine that sweet little newborn also had to have a very complicated surgery to remove what would have been a twin sibling? Remarkably, less than two hundred cases of fetus and fetus have been reported in medical journals, despite the tragedy of losing one baby before it.

Even had a chance, vegas scenario was actually one of the luckier cases. Only in august did a report by the british medical journal reveal how awful the condition can be if left undiagnosed. It took a 17 year old, indian girl, five years to stop ignoring a growing stomach lump and finally seek help for the young teen. This lump simply caused her stomach pain and affected her eating habits. However, once doctors conducted some thorough tests, they found that this lump contained multiple teeth, along with hairs, mature bones and other body parts.

People have been giving birth since, while the beginning of all humanity, but still the experience of childbirth, may seem a bit mysterious or intangible, especially to those who are about to embark on it.

Yes, the basics of the process like contractions water breaking and pushing out the baby are generally clear enough, but the nuts and bolts of what it will actually be like may still feel unknown and may be a bit scary. The truth is just that. There are stages of labor and 10 centimeters of dilation to get through. There are also many layers of emotions that new parents will experience during childbirth as well.

It’S normal to wonder how each of these steps might feel physically and mentally in real time. In that case, the parasitic twin had developed half of its body outside of the fully developed twin. Can you imagine that sweet little newborn also had to have a very complicated surgery to remove what would have been a twin sibling, thanks for reading. Catch up soon.

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