Story Time

This wife decided to die at the age of 23. Then doctors realized something shocking.

Mothers are the most precious bliss that anyone may have. It’s important to maintain such gift and defend it from any anger. Mother is very important in our life. She’s part of love. She’s our strength and part and parcel for every good thing that happens in our life.

Her blessings make all the things right. Motherhood is the first introduction a child has to love. All other relationships throughout a child’s life are looked through the lens of a mother’s love. Every stage of life has a direct causality of this relationship. Fatherhood is the same, but to a lesser degree.

There once was a young girl named Lisa. Lisa loved her parents very much. She came from a poor family. Lisa considered her family as everything she had. Lisa helped them and supported them.

Lisa had a mother named Sophia. Her father’s name was William. William was a worker in a small factory, but Sophia was a tailor. William worked hard in order to fulfill the things of his family. Though William had no children except Lisa, he was barely able to collect money necessary for her needs.

His salary was too tiny. William was a simple, uneducated man, so his opportunities to be hired and a good job were very few. Desiring to help her husband, Sophia decided to work as a tailor. She was good at sewing. Her mother taught her this profession when she was a child so as to be able to earn money out of it under any difficult situation.

Sofia liked her craft very much. Sophia always narrated to her daughter Lisa how much she loved and appreciated her mother. As an instant, Sophia stated, My mother was such an amazing mother. She taught me many things. She was the most brilliant tailor.

Over all the village where we lived, all the women of the village came to her to make beautiful dresses and skirts for them. She’s the reason behind why I agreed to get married to your father. Your father was the son of our dearest client. The woman wanted to let her son marry me. When my mother asked me about my opinion, I disagreed, justifying that he was a stranger whom I did not know.

My mother kept persuading me that this woman was very decent and have a good reputation and that she raised her son according to some principles and morals. I realized that your grandmother’s opinions and views are completely right. When I got married to your father, William, he appeared to be a straightforward and respected man. In fact, a mother’s sight cannot be wrong by any means. A mother can foreshadow her children’s future very well.

Mothers realize very well where their children’s sake lies in. This experience made me so enthusiastic about having a daughter and seeking to help her, to find herself, to guide her, to advise her, and to present effective suggestions for her. And here you are, Lisa. You are my beautiful daughter and small sister. I love you very much and I hope I can help you to be on the straight path and on the right corner.

I wish I would live to see you as a rational adult who can depend on herself, solving her problems and managing her life correctly. Lisa promised her mother that she would be an obedient girl and to be a source of pride for her. Lisa said, from now on, I determined to work on myself to make you less tired and less burdened. You are a great mother indeed. You and my father form all my life.

I love both of you because you’re just combating parents who always listen to me, talk with me, argue with me, and take my opinion, and everything relates to me. You never neglect my point of view nor disregard my existence. That’s why I became self determined, brave, and confident. Unfortunately, William died in a horrible accident. Sophia and Lisa lost their backbone.

They became hopeless and depressed. The wound was great for them. For them, William was their man, their defense, and their safe. When Sophia noticed that Lisa was badly affected by Williams passing away, she tried to collect the power enough to be strong in front of her daughter. Although Sophia suffered a lot and experienced a great deal of agony and anguish, she endeavored not to show any signs of weakness nor fragility to Lisa.

Sophia was sure that she would remain a weak and powerless woman. Her daughter Lisa would be like her, which might affect negatively on her study in her future. So strong, Sophia advised Lisa that she should get rid of her gloominess quickly in order to be able to concentrate on studying her lessons. Very well, Sophia stated. You must put your focus on your study, Lisa.

I know that it’s not easy for anyone to bear the pain of losing a very important person in their life. Yet you must be stronger so as to succeed in your academic and career life. Your father has been dreamt of seeing you an effective member of our family. He wanted you not to suffer as we did suffer before. This was the reason behind is hard working and allowing you to be well educated and civilized.

I have the same wish for you, dear. You’re an intelligent and ambitious girl. Listen, Lisa, I suggest that we go for some picnic. In order to be more comfortable and to attain the peace of mind, we need to move on. What’s your opinion?

Lisa listened to her mother carefully. She thought that her mother needed her in this time more than anyone else. Lisa realized that William was Sophia’s best companion and favorite friend, so she decided to be more cheerful and optimistic so as to not make her mother feel any kind of loneliness. Lisa was a smart and wise girl. Lisa said, do not worry about me, Mother.

I am trying to forget any incident that may cause me to be sad. My father was a man of a sense of humor. He did not like crying or mourning. Hence, I will be like him in order to not make him sad with me. I agree to go with you for a journey.

It’s a great idea. Sophia worked hard by day and night as she became totally responsible of Lisa’s expenses. After William died. Sofia’s eyes were badly affected as she was sewing for long hours. Accordingly, her sight became weak.

Sofia did not mention Eliza any information about the pain she felt in her eyes, so it did not make her worried or unhappy. Sophia went to the eye doctor to check her and give her the proper medicine. By chance, Lisa saw the prescription on identifying the paper. Lisa was shocked. It was her mother who hid her suffering.

Because of her, Lisa confronted Sophia. Sophia said that she did not like Lisa to overthink nor to be distracted from her lessons. Lisa blamed her mother for not revealing the whole truth to her. Lisa expressed, you must stop working, Mother. You must take a long rest.

Your eyes seem very red. It’s my duty now to take your turn. You exhaust yourself very much. For my own sake, I must let you comfort your pale eyes. The last request I will direct to you is to teach how to sew.

Sophia taught Lisa the main principles of the craft. Lisa searched for online learning too unluckily, Lisa failed in being a good trainer. Lisa was frustrated and depressed. Lisa ended empty handed. Lisa did not know how to help her mother.

Due to her overworking hours, Sophia’s site was deteriorated remarkably. The doctor said that an operation must be performed immediately to make the woman restore her normal site. Lisa insisted on making the money needed for the expensive surgery for her dear mother. Even though Sophia assured that no medical interference could rescue her from the fate of her ultimate blindness, Lisa still clung to hope. Lisa started searching for a work.

Lisa managed to find a job as a Secretary in a certain Corporation. Lisa worked hard. The owner of the firm expressed his deep admiration for Lisa. Lisa did not pay attention to him as he was an old man. The man began flittering with her every now and then.

The evil man had a full knowledge of the critical case of Lisa’s mother. The devil made the worst of it. He suggested that he could give the money to Lisa on the condition that she agreed to spend a night with him. Lisa humiliated the man and offended him severely. Lisa left work, tried to look for another job, but all vacancies she could find were meaningless and of little wage.

Lisa became perplexed and confused. Lisa was in a tight corner. Sofia’s case became worse and worse by every day. Lisa had no choice but to think of the offer of her boss Lisa gave up. Lisa went to the man confirmed to him that she was ready to do whatever he wanted in return for the money that he would provide her.

The night passed. The old man fulfilled his desire letting poor Lisa in a pathetic state. Lisa took the money. The surgery was a failing one. As a result, Sophia became blind.

Lisa was down the heart of the old man was moved towards Lisa and knowing her mother’s blindness Lisa regretted being with such an old man. To relieve Lisa, he offered that he could marry her and let her and Sophia live with him in his big wealthy house. Lisa found such marriage as a type of escapism. Lisa agreed. Immediately after being married to the old man Lisa felt that she was unable to live with him.

As he was older than her by many years, Lisa preferred to die rather than spend the rest of her life miserably with this man, Lisa committed suicide. The man tried to rescue her life by calling the ambulance. In the hospital, doctors found out Lisa was pregnant. Tragically, Lisa died. The baby was raised by his father and by his blind grandmother.