“Thou shalt not kill” should apply to all animals this Easter


As Easter Sunday is just around the corner and some families are planning to eat lamb, PETA posted billboards on which Moses brandished a bunch of carrots and reminded everyone that there are no 5 commandment. Check out our new listings in Rome:

Translation: “Remember: Thou shalt not kill.” Become a vegan “

“Thou shalt not kill” should apply to all animals, including lambs, who are slaughtered for Easter meals.

Following Pope Francis’ kind message in connection with Lent, PETA asked His Holiness to follow in the footsteps of St. Francis of Paola, who made a vow of non-violence and refused to eat animals. In our letter to the Pope, we asked him to urge Catholics to carry the message of mercy and compassion to all living beings, leaving animals without plates for this Easter.

Show compassion for all animals

The Bible clearly states that God’s purpose for the world was one in which humans and other animals coexisted peacefully, and that humans were guardians, not murderers. In Genesis 1:29, God says that the seedlings and fruits of the earth “will be your food,” not that we should eat tender young sheep.

Before celebrating the resurrection of Jesus – the Lamb of God – by eating lambs, consider who your food was.

Sheep are social and sensitive animals who, like us, feel pain, happiness, and fear. Like you and me, when lambs are stressed or isolated, they show signs of depression by bowing their heads and avoiding positive action. They also get scared when separated from their social group or approached by strangers.

Before they’re on our plates, the lambs are loaded onto trucks, often without food or water, for the grueling journeys to the slaughterhouse. Just imagine how terrifying this experience is for them. Sheep can live for over ten years, but lambs are killed for meat before the age of six months. In the slaughterhouse, some lambs are still conscious and aware of the workers slitting their throats.

What can you do

Celebrate the resurrection with a compassionate vegan meal that will leave God’s creation alone.

Sign PETA’s Vegan Promise and we’ll help you start your vegan adventure. We promise it won’t look like a sacrifice!

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