Top 8 largest crocodiles in history


Ever wonder what the biggest crocodile was? According to the fossils, the longest crocodile that ever existed was a crocodile. Sarcosuchus emperorwhich was 40 feet long and weighed 17,600 pounds. The largest animal ever officially measured was Lolong, a saltwater crocodile that measured 20 feet 3 inches in length and weighed 2,370 pounds. Sadly, he died of heart failure in February 2013. The largest living crocodile is Cassius, which is about 100 years old. The saltwater crocodile Cassius is 17 feet 3 inches long. While these modern crocodiles are huge, there are prehistoric ones that were much larger.

When it comes to the size of prehistoric dinosaurs, scientists have to guess, as accurate measurements of that time are lacking. They can get close by measuring the length of the skull, measured along the midline from the tip of the muzzle to the back of the skull table, as there is a strong correlation using this measurement in modern crocodiles.

# 8 The biggest crocodiles in history: Purussaurus mirandai – 32 feet 9 inches

The largest crocodiles in history: Purussaurus mirandai
Purussaurus mirandai is the only crocodile to have an extra vertebra in the sacrum.

IN Purussaurus mirandai weight was about 5,700 pounds. This animal, about 32 feet 9 inches in size, had a very unusual spine. It has an extra vertebra in the pelvic area and one less vertebra in the trunk area. Scientists believe that this is how this crocodile was able to withstand all of its mass. This crocodile lived in Venezuela about 7.5 million years ago.

# 7 The biggest crocodiles in history: Euthecodon brumpti – 33 feet

IN Euthecodon brumpti was a short snout crocodile that lived in present-day Africa from the early Miocene to the early Pleistocene. One of the largest fossils of this animal by weight was found in Kenya. The fossils of this crocodile are among the most abundant in the Turkana River basin. This crocodile may have lived from 1 to 8 million years ago in Lake Turkana, where it ate fish. Scientists believe this crocodile has grown to 33 feet in length.

# 6 The biggest crocodiles in history: Gryposuchus croizati – 33 feet

The largest crocodiles in history: Gryposuchus croizati
Gryposuchus croizati is one of the largest crocodiles ever to live in Venezuela.

IN Gryposuchus croizati It was estimated to be 33 feet long, but some speculate that this reptile could have been much longer. Some of the largest fossils of this animal have been found in the Urumako Formation in Venezuela. These fossils indicate that this crocodile weighed about 3850 pounds. They also believe that this animal lived during the Middle to Late Miocene period. It may have died out because nature created a system of ravines where they lived, which were wetlands.

5 largest crocodiles in history: Deinosuchus – 35 feet

The largest crocodiles in Deinosuchus history
Deinosuchus are part of the crocodiles, a group that includes modern alligators, crocodiles and gharials.

Deinosuchus probably grew to about 35 feet in length and may have been one of the earliest ancestors of the American alligator. Evidence shows that this crocodile was abundant in the eastern United States. However, the longest fossils have been found in the western United States. This suggests that they lived all along the Western Inland Sea Route from 82 to 73 million years ago.

This animal could weigh up to 11,000 pounds. It was capable of crushing other dinosaurs, but probably ate sea fish. A special plate with holes allowed this crocodile to breathe completely under water.

# 4 Largest crocodiles in history: Rhamphosuchus – 36 feet

The largest crocodiles in history: Rhamphosuchus
Reconstruction of a giant pliocene gaval, Rhamphosuchus crassidens, with a Ganges dolphin for size comparison.

Rhamphosuchus probably lived in the Miocene period in what is now Pakistan. This reptile probably grew to about 36 feet in length, based on fossils collected by two archaeologists in 1840. This crocodile had a unique beak-like muzzle, which is why it is sometimes called a crocodile crocodile. Scientists believe that he ate mainly fish, but was capable of hunting. Perhaps he regularly dined on other animals that came to the bodies of water where he lived. Scientists believe that this Indian crocodile, which lived about 1 million years ago, weighed about 6,000 pounds.

# 3 Largest Crocodiles Ever: Mourasuchus – 39’4 ”

There can be up to 10 subspecies of Mourasuchus. These crocodiles, which scientists believed to be 39 feet 4 inches long, had a unique duck face. They lived in Venezuela and Brazil about 6 million years ago. There is evidence that they used their wide mouths to draw water and swallow their prey whole.

Although most species had very strong teeth, fossils show that this species had very weak teeth that were very small. A diet different from that of other crocodiles from the same period and the same place could have helped this crocodile grow to such a size that it can weigh up to 16,000 pounds.

# 2 The biggest crocodiles in history: Purussaurus brasilensis – 41 feet

The largest crocodiles Purussaurus brasilensis
Pencil drawing of Purussaurus brasiliensis, a 12 m alligator from the Miocene of Brazil.

IN Purussaurus brasilensis was one of the largest species ever to exist. He weighed about 18,500 pounds. This crocodile, which lived in the late Miocene in South America, was a predator. Due to its large size and giant teeth, it could have very few animals that could harm it. Scientists believe this animal could apply 15,500 pounds of force with each bite. This species lived where the Amazon River now flows, and changes in the ecosystem may have led to its death.

# 1 The biggest crocodiles in history: Sarcosuchus emperor – 41 feet

The largest crocodiles in history: Sarcosuchus imperator
Sarcosuchus imperator (carnivorous crocodile), nicknamed supercroc. With an approximate body length of 40 feet and a skull length of over 5 1/2 feet, it is one of the largest crocodiles in history.

Perhaps the largest crocodile that ever lived was Sarcosuchus emperor, but scientists are still debating whether this is the largest crocodile. The skull of this animal is about 5 feet 6 inches long, and its entire body is about 41 feet long. He had about 100 teeth, some of which sat slightly inside the lower ones, like a bite. This probably allowed this crocodile to hunt animals, although it is likely that its main diet consisted of fish. Most of the crocodile’s fossils, which are arguably the largest ever to exist, come from the Tenere Desert region of the Sahara Desert of Niger. This crocodile probably weighed about 17,600 pounds.

This reptile received new armor for each year of its life. These plates helped protect him from predators. By studying the plates, scientists concluded that it took about 55 years to reach full size. This crocodile’s muzzle ended in a unique bowl shape, which scientists believe it used for scent, since its stiff neck made it difficult to turn its neck.

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