Story Time

Twin Baby dies after birth what his twin brother did make the entire doctors got shocked

One of the twins dies in childbirth. Minutes later, the surviving twin does something shocking. The sweet and hard moment of childbirth had arrived for Cathy, a young girl who would have twins, and arrived at the hospital with her best friend because her partner had abandoned her due to complications in childbirth,

one of the children didn’t survive, but in her mother’s infinite love, she placed her two children on her breast, and then something happened that shocked all the medical staff. One of the doctors fainted at what he saw. Cathy was just 18 years old when she thought she’d found love.

Since she was little, she’d been a sweet, nobian girl with her parents. She was studious and dreamed of studying law, studied dance, and was very prominent in her group. At school, she was always the best, and she represented the institution in the reading and math competitions, so she was very popular in the city since she won all the competitions in which she participated. Her mother was her main driving force. The lady was a teacher and not only supported her by reviewing her homework but also encouraging her to always go after her best.

She went to all the pageants to endorse her, and she proudly posed in all the photos of her. Her father was a prominent lawyer and was always working for long hours. But when he came home, he spent all his free time with his Princess since she was his one and only child. To make up for the fact that he couldn’t accompany her to contests or her dance performances, he invited her to dinner and bragged about her on social media. She was happy with her parents.

She loved them both and enjoyed them in different ways. Yet to her they were everything, and she promised them that she would always be their pride in dance classes. She was also the best, and she was awarded a scholarship to study in the largest company in the country. Everything seemed perfect in that family until one afternoon when Kathy was leaving the dance company to wait for her mother at the corner coffee shop, she saw her father with a younger girl. She followed him and noticing her, the man hid so as to not give her an explanation.

When he got home, she was locked in her room and she confronted him without her mother, but he assured her that she had confused him with another one. However, she assured him that she was convinced that it was him. Since then, she lived with doubts and uncertainties around her father, that man whom she considered irreproachable and who was a role model. However, she tried to overcome that situation by blocking the memory of that bitter afternoon. However, she saw that the man had changed.

He was no longer affectionate with her mother and was arriving later and later. When Kathy turned 15, they had a big party, and at her party she saw the woman with whom she had seen her father. He once again told her that they were his ideas, but the girl was convinced that her father was a liar. The situation affected her studies, and for the first time she lost a literature contest, which filled her with anger and frustration. At 17 years old, Cathy stopped being the good and studious girl to become a rebel without a cause because in her house there were only fights and screams.

She colored her hair, put earrings on various areas of her body and started smoking. Her mom suffered from seeing her like this, but she didn’t understand why her father didn’t dare to say anything to her and was only sorry to see what his little girl had become. In the end, the divorce was inevitable, and that caused Kathy to drop out of her studies.

Despite being brilliant, she began to party every day until she met Fakundo, with whom she madly fell in love. The boy was ten years older than her, and her father pointed that out to her, but she made fun of it to his face by telling him that he was living with a girl 15 years younger than him.

She was convinced that this was the love of her life, and she moved in with him. Her mother begged her not to, but she disobeyed. Three months later, the romance ended because Kathy fell ill, and at the hospital they told her she was pregnant and they were twins. Cathy was happy because she was going to have twins, so she prepared a special dinner to break the news to Fukundo and his parents. When the young man came home from playing pool, she served them and showed them the ultrasound.

The boy’s parents were shocked because he didn’t work and they weren’t willing to support two babies. Look, Kathy, I wasn’t playing with you. This was a no strings attached relationship, so if you want to stay by my side, you’ll have to get rid of those brats. Otherwise you’re going to see what to do about it and live your life on your own, said Fukundo. She adamantly refused to terminate her pregnancy, so the man threw her out into the street with all her clothes.

The girl returned with her mother, who received her with open arms. Despite the gap she had with her father, she took care of her. From her financial point of view, the gentleman and the best friend of Kathy were the main support of her during that time. On her birthday, Cathy went out to eat with her best friend, and when they were going for a dessert, the girl slipped and fell. Labor started.

Everything seemed to be normal, but then complications arose. The girl screamed in pain and the doctors ran because being a twin birth, anything could happen. She was two weeks away from her due date. They took her immediately to the delivery room, and everything started well. A doctor and two nurses were attending to her.

But little by little, Kathy saw the delivery room was filled with doctors and nurses whose worried faces were evident. She asked what was happening, but they told her not to speak, to save her strength and keep pushing. She was afraid because she knew that the lives of her children were in danger. Finally, the babies managed to do it, but immediately one of them started to turn purple. The boy who had been the last to be born was not breathing, so the doctors began CPR maneuvers to save him.

Cathy cried and asked to be saved. But after ten minutes trying to revive him, all was in vain. The little boy was dead. Cathy had put the surviving baby to her chest while the other child was wrapped in a sheet and left like that, covered on the small table where they tried to revive him. She cried inconsolably, and in the midst of her pain, she demanded that she also put her deceased little one next to her.

The doctors agreed to it and put the lifeless little boy on her chest, right next to her little brother. Kathy was crying. The family was complete, but her baby had no life. After a few moments, the little one who would have survived put his little hand on his deceased little brother. In what seemed like a conscious act.

Everyone present was shaken to the bone. Cathy hugged her twins and soon a miracle happened. The little boy, who was dead began to breathe. Doctors quickly attended to him and managed to stabilize his pulse. He was alive.

The doctors were totally shocked. Even one of the doctors fainted with emotion because never in his more than three decades as a doctor had he witnessed such an event. Nobody knows what really happened that day in this delivery room, but what they were sure of is that love transcends beyond reason. It goes beyond what science can explain. His little brother came back to life and his family was complete.

Kathy was happy for her two beautiful children in the hospital. That episode spread like wildfire, and when the woman was finally in her room, many came to congratulate her. Luckily, one of the nurses recorded with a cell phone that beautiful moment that’s gone around the world that made her happy with her children. Thanks to her children, her parents reconciled and she went back to study. She became a life motivator and became very famous.

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Fukundo, to see how well she was doing, decided to look for her to give her last name to her children. But it was already too late. She stopped loving him. A couple of years later, Fukundo’s parents died in a traffic accident, and seeing him alone, he looked again for the woman who he had abandoned. But she was already happy with a boy who valued her for her courage and her willpower.

He was nothing more and nothing less than that nurse who, in the midst of tears saw her have the courage to hug her deceased son and they formed a beautiful family. They had a girl and lived happily with Cathy’s parents so far today’s story my dear readers we hope you liked it as much as we did.