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Twin sisters visit their dead mother then they discover something shocking

Twin sisters visit their dead mother, then they discover something. Shocking family is the most important thing in a person’s life because it is their family that brought thee into existence. Think about it. If it were not for your parents, you would not exist. If you are the second born, then, if it were not for the firstborn, then you would not exist.

Also, one action affects another action which in turn leads to another action. It does not matter where you are, because your family will always be there for you. They will not discriminate you or give up on you. Your family is also your blood. You have your family’s dna in a way you’re all linked your family determines the kind of person you will be, although in most cases you make the final decision as you go through life, and you find friends that are like family, it makes your life so much More richer, we are very short-term nowadays.

That is why we have so many of the problems and the divide and conquer works. The ideal starting point for a family is a parcel of land, big enough to house them all and feed them all with water and power resources. You’Ll not get many of them in the city. If children were educated to make money, invest it into the family and make sure that everyone has a good quality of life, then each new generation would carry on the good work and build the family treasure if we’re going to get greener and more gentle with our Journey on this planet, then we need to change our ideas or we will all end up robots working for the state rather than people of the land be the best that you can be. It is going to take a lot to get back to where we came from and keep our technology advantages.

Sarah was living with her parents in a small and poor community. All she’s known for her entire life was famine and war, even though everything was against them. Her family had somehow managed to survive her community, even impoverished by war and hunger, was built on support and help they supported each other as neighbors to get through life’s hardships together.

It was not always easy to deal with hunger, especially when the numbers of wounded and the severely sick became higher after a bombing or an armed confrontation. Getting food and sustenance was becoming increasingly difficult, even though no one was capable of attacking their neighbor to steal their supplies and rations, they knew the day would come everybody dreaded the day where everyone would turn on one another and raid the village for supplies.

They knew that anything could happen and there were no rules to govern the wrath of hungry men. Any parent would forget their humaneness when it came to feeding their starving children in the midst of a severe famine crisis, even though everyone felt like they were big. One happy family when it came to choose, no one would put anyone above their children at the time. Sarah was only three years old and her twin sister rosa was same old. By that time, everyone knew that the crisis was imminent and that what they feared could happen any day now the deterioration of the living conditions was slower than they expected, which gave the community some false hope that things would go back to normal.

In no time little did they know things were going to explode at the moment they expected the least when the crisis was at its worst. Sarah and rosa’s mother left early one morning on a mission to get food for her children from a neighboring town. For the first time since the war started, they didn’t come back home that night she was killed in a raid. She had planned together with other neighbors in the nearby town. The community was filled with orphans that exceeded the number of adults.

The few remaining adults had to take care of the parentless children and that wasn’t going to be an easy task. Everyone had to get by as best as they could. Sarah, who was seven years old, had to take care of her twin sister at such a young age. She was more fragile and has asthma. She had no idea what she was going to do.

She knew that they didn’t have the luxury to mourn her parents death. If she wanted to survive, they had to be strong. Her parents have been buried unceremoniously in the village. The orphaned children were going to take shelter at their aunt’s house. Things didn’t go well from the first day they set fed in her house.

Their aunt had a family of her own and had a child to feed the more time went on the more it bothered their aunt and husband to have to give a little less food to their son because they had to share with two. They barely knew, even though sarah had been confident that they would be taken care of there and that her twin sister would grow up in a somewhat normal environment. Their stable life was not to last barely a month after their aunt opened her door to welcome them. They were alone again, their aunt and uncle had opened their doors and invited them to leave, as they could no longer afford to feed them. Getting through every day was a big hustle, especially for the young sarah who took her twin ill sisters, responsibility very seriously.

Despite her hard work and great struggle, sarah was never able to get enough rations for her twin ill sister to eat. Well, since she could not provide as much food as necessary. The young girl tried to compensate with games and stories. Sarah tried to make rosa forget about the war in the hungary with her stories in the games. She’D invent specially for her rosa grew fond of her twin sister, who could stop at nothing to make her happy at night before going to sleep, she’d create a story of a far away country where people are happy and could eat and drink plenty, even though he Was the provider rosa was the one who offered her words of comfort, telling her everything they could do once the hellest nightmare they were going through ended.

She would spend hours telling her about where they would go, what they would eat and what they would study and all the dreams that a girl who was losing her childhood in the middle of the war could have one day. Rosa started to get sick. Her face was pale and her body was only getting thinner when she saw her twin sister’s condition. Sarah vanished when she saw that, no matter what she did, she was unable to save her sister. She started to go every day to take a nap by her parents.

Grave trying to find comfort, solace and support she’d sometimes pretend that she had not lost them. She’D dream of a world where all four of them were still living under the same roof happy and safe one day when she went back to the shelter after her afternoon. Nap she found rosa worse than ever. Her twin little sister had no more strength. She was barely surviving clinging to life with all the energy she had left.

Sarah couldn’t help but cry and scream her heart out. He would walk the streets asking for help, and people had already noticed that she was lying between the graves of her parents, not knowing that the grieving girl had a sister who counted on her one. Who was a few steps away from death when a volunteer doctor was finally able to check on rosa it was too late. The child was too weak and had only a few hours to live. Rosa spent her last minutes in sarah’s arms.

She left this world with a smile on her lips after telling her sister that she would have to be strong. Her last words to her twin sister were that she was going to join her mother and father and that they would protect her sarah broke down that night. The only reason she was fighting to live was gone, not wanting her twin sister to be buried in an unmarked grave and not forgotten. She improvised a grave for her next to her mother. Sarah would spend all of her days there eating dirt and plants.

She didn’t know if they were poisonous or not. She drank whatever water. She could find not caring about its origin, as she had no other choice. If she wanted to survive, people were still dying in the streets falling like flies, but she still had hope she kept feeding, because her sister asked her to despite her struggling to stay alive, she was slowly agonizing. The only strength she had left in her body was that of her love for the family she had lost, even though she did not want to die the prospect of being reunited with her twin sister and parents, comforted her heart and made death less scary.

Sarah was suffering greatly, but something inside her also told her that somehow she would survive and she was not wrong one morning. She did not wake up next to the grave of her family, but in a hospital bed the war was finally over. Sarah was finally able to receive the care she needed to survive and regain her strength, and even though the doctors had already heard too many painful stories, they could not help crying when sarah told them her heartbreaking story. Hearing her talk about rosa that moved them the most sarah is a brave girl who went to great lengths to take care of her twin sick sister in times where adults abandoned their own children, families as all great suffering. She was rewarded at the end of her long struggle, even though she lost everything she cared about and her only reason to live.

She also knew the best way to honor her family and sister was to strive to live the best life possible. The best way she could make their memory live longer was for her to have the life they weren’t able to get despite the pain and loss she had to live with every day. Sarah and her sister found their strength in their family’s memory. They became the fuel of everything they did. They had it in honor of their sister’s last words and lived the dreams they were drawing together every night.

It not only leaves orphaned children and destroys families. It leaves scars in many ways too heady for children to bear children like sarah and rosa who now have to carry that weight until the end family members will stab you in the back or mistreat you worse than any stranger would sometimes family members are selfish. Greedy little dingbats and don’t deserve your loyalty, hard work or kindness, just because they’re family family doesn’t mean anything if the person is a jack wagon.

That’s like saying: if someone is a serial killer, does that mean their family should be nice to them just because they’re family far too many the most important people in your life need to be the people. You trust and respect the most like sarah, what made her survive ever tragedy in her life after losing her mother and sister, this love that had for them.

The last words that made her strong, even she also was dying. Somehow mother is a great love to made a bond between children. This is a good example lesson to remember us that war is ugly thanks for reading.

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