Twins give birth at same time doctors are shocked to see ultrasounds

Twins give birth. At the same time, doctors are shocked to see ultrasounds. I was anxious to break the news. I’M pregnant. Four days later, my sister called I’m pregnant too. We cried happy tears after infertility battle twins, both deliver babies and magical moment. Being a twin is, unlike anything, you can explain or understand. Unless you are one yourself, the bond is so strong that one can feel with the other feels and vice versa. Growing up, we were inseparable, we dressed alike. Every day shared a car and a cell phone had the same friends we were glued to each other’s head.

Teachers would recommend to our parents we’d, be in separate classes and we’d cry at the thought of being away from one another. Our mom didn’t have the heart to break that bond between us and we were so thankful. She kept us in the same classes that lasted until freshman year of high school teachers worried we wouldn’t be our true selves by always being in the same classroom, but we think it benefited our personalities and we always had Straight A’s in our family. We have five older siblings, a sister Jennifer brother, Jeremy, sister, Jamie sister Joanne and a brother Johnny. My parents thought the family was complete at five.

However, my mom always dreamed of having twins surprise. She got pregnant with us shortly after my brother. This completed our family of nine, our parents, along with our siblings, always admired and adored our close-knit relationship. They called the twin connection, my mom and dad told us. We even had our own twin language that only we could understand, Although our personalities differ, our interests were identical.

We both loved doing the same things playing with the same toys competing in the same sport, gymnastics same degree same master’s degree in education. The list could go on, we were growing up and continued to be Inseparable in high school. I wrote a paper about how he would Someday live near each other with our houses connected by a bridge. Married twins that didn’t work out. Have babies together and grow our families nearby?

We always wanted our kids to share a relationship similar to ours, as I mentioned before, we both went to college together and received full athletic scholarships to attend UCLA. We are brew and proud. This is where Janelle and I met our College. Sweethearts Sports brought us together as we both married athletes as well. I married in 2011 and started my family right away.

My husband Brandon and I had two daughters back to back Janelle married a year and a half later and decided to wait a year before starting her family. Shortly after I delivered my second daughter, Jaden Janelle found out, she was pregnant with her first son jarek. Then, oddly enough, two weeks later, I found out, I was pregnant with my third. In that moment, I felt like we just missed, sharing that pregnancy together, like we always wanted. This is where Janelle’s infertility Journey began.

Due to the nature of my deliveries, C-sections, the doctor recommended giving my body a little break. If Brandon and I decided to have another baby after trying for six months and struggling with many symptoms, Janelle was diagnosed with PCOS polycystic ovarian syndrome. Then we began researching about her condition and finding alternative ways to get pregnant. Two months later, she got pregnant but suffered an ectopic pregnancy that ended in emergency surgery and a tubal loss. After this traumatic experience in a year of fertility treatments, multiple doctors recommended her to go to IVF route during this time.

Janelle and I both suffered miscarriages and thought it was time to trust. In God’s timing, we told ourselves we need to be patient and we hoped it was his way of saying he’d help us get pregnant together during these difficult times. Our relationship grew even closer. We leaned on one another by talking and continuing to pray daily. Not only were we suffering the loss of an unborn child, but also mourning the loss of our beloved oldest sister Jennifer, who passed away suddenly from an asthma attack at the young age of 38. With our entire family being so close, this was tragic event that continues to weigh on our hearts daily. We constantly feel a piece of us is missing months later our prayers were answered and the timing was just right. I found out, I was pregnant with my fourth child. I was really excited, but also anxious to share the news with my twin due to her fertility struggles. Four days later, she called me to say she was pregnant and we cried happy tears.

That moment was so special and we relive it constantly with each other. We were not only so excited to be pregnant together, but also loved how it ended up being the same gestational period. It was even better than we thought from that moment. I joked that. Maybe we could deliver the babies together due to the nature of my husband’s career in professional baseball, Brandon Crawford of the San Francisco Giants.

My schedule changes daily and we live our lives on the road. However, Janelle and I continue to share every aspect of our pregnancy journey together, we constantly shared ultrasound pictures, discuss our doctor’s visits and talked about our baby’s movements at the four-month Mark. We went to every doctor’s appointment together as more time passed. We discussed the possibility of delivering together as long as we made it to 39 weeks and our bodies didn’t go into labor. Naturally, we were all set, our pregnancies were almost as identical to ours.

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The babies were positioned in the same way, their weights were ounces off and length was the same. Our doctor and the ultrasound technician couldn’t believe their eyes. Neither had ever seen twins share a pregnancy together and they discussed how crazy it was that the babies were growing. So, similarly, as we reach the end of pregnancy, our dreams of delivering our sons in the same day we’re becoming more of a reality. Now I’m going to take a moment to backtrack and give a little background information on my prior birthing experience and Janelle’s with my first daughter I was nine days past my due date and needed to be induced into labor.

Unfortunately, I tried labor for 51 hours and with the help of pitican a Foley balloon and many other methods, my body could not dilate past four centimeters after 40 hours stuck at that dilation, my daughter’s Health was at risk and her heart rate was decreasing. So I went in for an emergency C-section, a game to learn that my pelvic bone and birth canal was not meant for vaginal birth. I was required to have a cesarean from then on out. Similarly, to me Janelle labored, for 18 hours and with the help of a midwife, she was also required to have a cesarean, since her son got stuck at four centimeters as well. Oddly enough or maybe not, we have the same birth canal that requires C-section.

With that being said, we hoped our bodies would make it to 39 weeks pregnant, so we could make our planned C-sections. Lo and behold, we did. We delivered boys on the same day in the same Hospital both of us having C-sections by the same doctor only about three hours apart. We’Re grateful for our healthy pregnancy journey and June 18. 2018 will forever be a special day where we celebrate our son’s birthday.

People always ask how we chose who went in for childbirth. First, we decided I was first born. I was due first in my husband’s job only allows for three days paternity leave. Therefore I went first. We cannot wait for our sons to grow up together and we can only hope for a bond like ours.

Our six children between the two families are already so close. Every time we leave each other. Our children are asking us when we will see them next. How blessed we are family is number one. In our homes, the whole experience was magical and a dream come true.

What happened to these twins was more shocking. Lauren kozlichi and Lisa Boyce are fraternal twin sisters who live 10 minutes apart from each other in St Louis Missouri, and shared nearly everything, including, of course, a birthday. Now, their three children also share a birthday. Gozolich Gameboys 35 gave birth to their kids. On the same day November 7th Boyce gave birth to a son named Benjamin, her first child via cesarean at 1 39 a.

After two days of Labor, kozlitzki gave birth to fraternal twins, Veda and Cooper. Her third and fourth children in a scheduled, C-section, 10 hours after her sisters, Veda and Cooper, were born one minute apart. Just like boys and kozlitzki, the siblings and their cousins were all delivered by the same OB GYN. The hospital is where the sisters gave birth Mercy. Hospital in St Louis said it’s the first time it’s had twin sisters give birth on the same day in its history. I don’t think we realized. It was even that big of a deal because we’re so used to sharing everything said boys. We just thought. Oh, this will be fun.

We didn’t even think it was that crazy of a deal because we’re just used to having everything together said: kozlitzki kozlitzki, already a mom to a nearly three-year-old and a one-year-old said she and her family celebrated. When Boyce and her husband told them, they were expecting their first child around one week later, kozlitzki found out, she was pregnant and she and her husband went to Boyce’s home and told them their happy news. We kind of figured Lisa would deliver about three weeks earlier, because at the time we didn’t know, we’d have twins said Kozlowski. It didn’t cross our minds at all that we’d ever have babies on the same dates fast forward. Nine months and Kozlowski was prepared for a scheduled C-section on November 7th 38 weeks into her pregnancy, because the Twins were in a breach position.

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Two days before, on November 5th, Boyce was admitted to the hospital the sister’s family, Kozlowski included, waited as boys remained in labor for two days I kept looking at the clock on November 6th and watching it go to 11 pm, then 11 30 p.m, and once it Hit midnight I thought well they’re, going to be born on the same day said kozlitzki. I left and had to be back at the hospital the next morning to be induced for my C-section. The sisters eventually ended up with rooms across the hall from each other. In the hospital as they recovered, when I would go see, Lisa Lauren would be walking in and we’d be like, of course, you’re making it easier on me.

So I can see you both at the same time said the sisters, OB GYN, Dr Christie, menges the fact that they were both pregnant at the same time and then deliver. At the same time. We didn’t plan it that way: Boyce and kozolitski, two of Five Sisters in their family expressed special thanks to Mercy Hospital and their Caregivers for their patience. When the hospital Hall would turn into a block party for the family of 26. Immediate relatives who all live in the St Louis area, my kids were running back and forth to see Aunt, Lisa and cousin Ben said.

Kozlowski Lisa would just wheel over with Ben, and everyone would come over to my room or I’d wheel into hers, and everyone would move there. Boyson kozolitski made sure their two sons share an additional Bond Ben and Cooper both have the same middle name corkery, which is their mom’s maiden name. All three babies and both moms are now home and healthy and happy already looking ahead to Shared birthday parties. We are for sure, already envisioning them said kozlitzki and, seeing me be the one to plan the joint birthday parties and Lisa being happy that I’m the one to plan them. This could be crazy, identical twin sisters, Aaron chepleck and Jill justiani had an ongoing joke during their pregnancies that they’d give birth the same day.

They never thought it would actually happen, but then it suddenly did. This is not a joke anymore. Chet black told his sister over the phone just before noon, the 9th of May the date of justiniani’s planned cesarean section. My water broke at just a few hours. Apart the twin sisters, each gave birth to their firstborn Sons, down the aisle at Kaiser Permanente Hospital in Anaheim.

California. Not only were the babies born the same day at the same hospital, but even their goals, matched the boys justiniani’s son, Oliver and chaplak’s Son Silas. Each weighed seven pounds and three ounces at Birth. They were also each 20 inches long, while the Eerie timing of their son’s Birds was shocking to the sisters. It was in some ways they said par for the course all their lives.

The 30 year old twins, who both live in Yorba Linda California, about two miles apart, have been on Parallel trails. We’Ve always done everything chap black said. It’S been fantastic to be able to go through life together at all stages. We really are each other’s best friend when children grew up in Brea, California, all their hobbies and interest fit and as they moved into adulthood, they also shared professional Pursuits. They studied kinesthesiology and then completed the same graduate program in occupational therapy at California, State University, Dominguez Hills.

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Now they work in the same Outpatient Clinic as pediatric occupational therapists. Their desks are side by side. They often bring lunch to each other. The sisters got married about a year apart and became pregnant just eight days apart, which they said was unplanned justinini and her husband Ian have been trying to get pregnant for almost a year when they finally got a positive result. On the morning of cheplex postponed wedding party on August 2021, we tracked and hoped and prayed said justini who had a miscarriage a few months before ten days later, while on a honeymoon in the Maldives with her husband, Zach jet black noticed that she had an increased Sense of smell, sometimes in early pregnancy, symptom.

She took a home test and it was positive. It was the beginning of this road to feel like this is pretty wild, but also completely meant to happen. Justin any said we cried on the phone together. Her sister echoed, although the news was unexpected jet black said It felt right. I just had this feeling that we would both succeed in getting pregnant going through.

The ups and downs of pregnancy together felt natural, giving their synchronized lives. It also gave them a lot of comfort when these pregnancies were our first. There was so much unknown, Chet black said in addition to their common DNA, the sisters believe they have a particularly strong bond because of their childhood. They had a younger sister Allison, who was born with a rare life-threatening genetic disorder called celdiosis. She died at the age of 12 when the Twins were 18.

We grew up in a family where our parents had to dedicate much of their time to Allison chaplak, said Jill, and I really clung to each other in those moments. I really think we were meant to have each other justinini said we were able to go through the toughest moments of our lives together. Their younger sisters experiences also what drove the twins to develop a shared passion for occupational therapy, as they saw for themselves how an occupational therapist helped Allison. I really feel like our younger sister is guiding us through our work. Every day Justin said it’s shaped us into who we are today, they’re by each other through every obstacle and also happy moments like during their joint sex Revelation on November 27th, when they found out, they were both supposed to have boys.

We were hoping we’d have the same sex, but we were really insecure. Justin Nini said so when we hit our gender revealing balloons at the same time and saw a lot of blue. We were both like here. We go yet they never expected to give birth. The same day, though, joking about the idea, they knew the chances were slim and even more so, when Justin needy found out her son was in the seat and she’d have to plan a Caesarean section.

She and Ian chose May 5th Cinco de Mayo, which was Ian’s favorite holiday. He was diagnosed with amyotrophic, lateral sclerosis alfs and died in January Justine. He said, May 5th became even more significant when her sister’s water broke that morning, more than a week before her term on May 15th, chaplak hurried over to hospital and justinini arrived shortly. After. In another Stroke of Luck, Justin needy’s surgery was delayed a few hours.

So she and her husband could be at cheplex delivery room. They helped calm her down during intense and painful labor pains the support of my husband, but I had my sister and Ian in their Chet black said. It was like a movie. The sister story quickly spread throughout the hospital delighting staff and patients Alice Lau, an obstetrician gynecologist at Kaiser Permanente, who covered both twins prenatal care was amazed that the sisters gave birth. At the same time, I really couldn’t believe it.

She said. I’Ve never seen twins give birth the same day, and I don’t think I ever will again it made my day my week and my gear Lao added. This is such great news, and it reminds us that Miracles still happen when jet black was getting an epidural. Justinini was driven to the operating room to have a cesarean section. Her son Oliver was born at 6, 39 pm

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