UMass connects monkeys and simulates hot flashes in them


One might expect the university to become a place of higher education and innovation, but small, fragile monkeys are tortured and killed in the laboratory of the University of Massachusetts Amherst (UMass) as part of an absurd attempt to study age-related changes in human cognition associated with menopause – which monkeys do not even experience !

Holes drilled in monkey skulls, electrodes pierce their bodies

Most of the students who walk past the lab on their campus probably have no idea that the UMass experimenters, led by Agnes Lacrese, are performing invasive surgery on female monkeys. They insert electrodes into holes that are drilled into the skulls of animals. They then cut open their necks and pass electrode wires from the skull and neck through the abdomen.

Female monkeys tied with zippers and injured

Monkeys are usually tied to a retaining device to immobilize them, and then stuffed into a plastic cylinder, which is screwed into place and subjected to the noise of an MRI machine, which is frightening and confusing.

In some tests, these sensitive social monkeys are left in solitary confinement, which United Nations officials liken to torture against humans, just to see how they react.

Flash news: monkeys never get hot flashes

Monkeys never go through menopause, so Lacreuse decided to come up with ways to mimic her on the monkeys she exploits. For example, she surgically removes their ovaries and then uses hand warmers on the monkeys to simulate hot flashes – yes, hand warmers like the one you put in your mittens in January. This is not science.

Thinking like that won’t even bring a blue ribbon at a fifth grade science fair, and it definitely is. not the paradigm shift work expected of an adult who, incidentally, pulled over $ 3.8 million from hard-earned taxpayer money to play a scientist. Just as a window does not replace a door, monkeys pretend that the hot flashes cannot shed light on the human condition that animals themselves do not experience – and monkeys are kept in terrible and unnatural living conditions in danger. traumatic “studies”. If the COVID-19 vaccine has shown us anything, it is that skipping animal experiments can bring relief to humans quickly and effectively. Just use the door and let the window pass.

These experiments hurt monkeys and taxpayers – help end them

After being caged, cutting, and experimenting with monkeys, Lacreuse kills them and dissects their bodies. These experiments represent nothing more than the torment of sensitive monkeys and a disaster for American taxpayers – so far they have cost us nearly $ 4 million and brought UMass a detailed list of quotes for violations of federal animal welfare laws.

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