University of Washington experiments on baby monkeys


Don’t hold your breath. IN Washington National Primate Research Center (WaNPRC) did not release videos from its secret baby monkey lab. It also does not offer tours to the public. Even staff are reportedly prohibited from filming videos or photos.

So, PETA has released an exciting new video, compiled from footage taken at other national primate research centers and government laboratories that are doing the same methods. Watch the video below to see how baby monkeys suffer when used in experiments:

What are the monkeys carrying inside the WaNPRC?

More than 50 years ago, in 1970, the University of Washington experimenters set up a basement laboratory where they could copy the experiments of the infamous Harry Harlow.

They subjected the monkey cubs to the so-called “upbringing in conditions of social deprivation.” This is a scientific way of saying that they took baby monkeys from their mothers and kept them all alone to see how mentally, emotionally, socially and physically disturbed they were.

To this day, experimenters at the Primate Infant Research Laboratory at VANPRK regularly separate newborn monkeys from their mothers.

Newborns are kept in an incubator for the first few days of life. They are then transferred to a small cage in which they are kept alone. The experimenters replace their real mother with hanging cloth. The baby monkeys were sentenced to various forms of isolation and reared for weeks in complete darkness. They have been used in experiments on drug addiction, fetal alcohol disorders, brain damage, and more.

Former primate scientist Dr. John Gluck, which is depicted in the video, directly says:

Whether it’s the separation of mother and child, social deprivation, or the more pleasing sound of “nursery training,” these manipulations are so damaging to many behavioral and physiological systems that they cannot be repeated.

I wish I had my say when the object was launched.

Act for the animals!

Let’s Close Washington National Primate Research Center

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