Urgent from PETA: Tornado Survival Tips for Animals in Florida


For immediate release:
18 March 2021

Brooke Rossi 202-483-7382

Jacksonville, Florida. – Since tornado surveillance has been issued for areas of Florida including Jacksonville and Tallahassee, PETA shares tips for animal safety.

  • Animals must Never leave in chains or trapped outsidewhere they cannot escape from strong winds, flying debris and crumbling structures. The dogs were sucked into the air – a doghouse and all – during a tornado, so the animals need to be taken inside to a safe place.
  • Guardians you also need to take animals with you if it becomes necessary to move to a more durable structure or hide underground.
  • Anyone who sees animals in distress and cannot help should note the whereabouts of the animals and warn the authorities immediately

PETA has released these disaster preparedness announcements… This is a video star Dean Wintersand this one tells the real story of a man reunited with his dog after a tornado. For more information please visit or subscribe to us on Twitter, Facebook, orInstagram

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