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Watch: Footage Of Foiled Burglary Set To ‘Mission Impossible’ Theme Played On Recorder

After getting over the initial shock of an armed burglar sneaking into his Oak Cliff house, a Dallas resident turned surveillance footage of the incident into a funny video that has received 750,000 YouTube views. 

Jump to the 0:36 mark to see the suspect crawling Army-style to the house as a recorder version of the Mission Impossible theme plays. The video also features bits of the Rocky and Cops themes.

The suspect broke into the house about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday, according to a description on the video. Homeowner Nate Gasser, who wasn’t there at the time, told WFAA-TV (Channel 8) that he called 911 after he got an alert from the camera system.

Officers entered his house and wrestled the suspect down to arrest him, WFAA reports. 

“I got here right as the fight in my living room started,” Gasser wrote on YouTube. “Dallas PD, you guys kicked ass!”

Gasser said on Facebook that he calmed his nerves with “copious amounts of Bulleit Bourbon.” Then he took to editing the surveillance footage of the incident, which he posted to overwhelming praise Thursday. 

“You could stress out or you could make a joke about it,” he told Channel 8, “and I like to make jokes about everything.”