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Water began to pour out of the overweight girl’s coffin when the family opened it they were shocked

Water began to pour out of the overweight girl’s coffin when the family opened it. They were shocked. Mourners stunned as Corpse and coffin comes back to life moments before funeral. An ambulance was then called, and it took the body to a medical center to be checked at the hospital doctors pronounced, the woman was still alive, but they did not explain how or why she was wrongly registered as deceased. This was a terrible and Glory moment for everyone.

Miss Perez who was three months. Pregnant reportedly fell unconscious after waking up in the night to use the outside toilet at her home in La Entrada, Western Honduras. It was believed she may have collapsed in an apparent panic attack after hearing a burst of gunfire, but when the teenagers started foaming at the mouth, her religious parents called the local priest believing she had become possessed by an evil spirit. Relatives told how the priest tried to exercise her, but she later became lifeless and was rushed to hospital where three hours later doctors declared her dead. Miss Perez was overweight and was buried in the wedding dress.

She had recently used to get married a day after her funeral. Her husband, Rudy Gonzalez, was visiting her grave at the La Entrada General Cemetery when he heard banging and muffled screams from inside the concrete tomb and raised the alarm. The footage shows how desperate family members breaking through the concrete blocked tomb with a sledgehammer before bringing out and opening up Mrs Perez and coffin to try to revive her. Mr Gonzalez told local TV news, Primer Impacto. I was heartbroken because my sweetheart had been taken.

So suddenly from me, I wanted to be near her, as I put my hand on her grave. I could hear noises inside I heard banging then I heard her voice. She was screaming for help. It had already been a day since we buried her. I couldn’t believe it. I was ecstatic full of Hope, Cemetery workers, Jesus Villanueva said he had also heard noises coming from the grave. He said. I convinced myself that the screams were coming from somewhere else. I never imagined that there was someone alive in there that afternoon. The girl’s husband came to me begging me to get her out because she was alive.

He was hysterical. The family were soon here and started breaking through the tomb shouting her name. Miss Perez was taken by truck to the nearest hospital in San Pedro Sula, where she was carried in still inside her coffin. But although Medics tried to revive her all the tests They carried out showed that she was clinically dead. Dr Claudia Lopez recalled the whole family rushed in almost breaking down the door carrying the girl in the casket.

I told them to take her out and put her on the bed. Everybody was claiming she was alive, so I went through all the necessary procedures. We evaluated and tried everything, but the girl was dead. They put her back in the coffin and took her away again back to the cemetery. Doctors Believe Miss Perez may have suffered a severe panic attack which could have temporarily stopped her heart activity.

Another hypothesis is that the teenager had a cataplexy attack and abrupt temporary loss of voluntary muscle function, typically triggered by a strong emotional stimulus, such as stress or fear. During which the victim maintains full conscious awareness, she may then have died from lack of oxygen after waking up inside the closed coffin. Her cousin Carolina Perez said once we had taken her out of the Tomb, I put my hand on her body. She was still warm and I felt a faint heartbeat. She had scratches on her forehead and bruises on her fingers.

It looked like she had tried desperately to get out of the casket and hurt herself Miss Perez’s Mother Maria Gutierrez firmly believes her daughter was buried alive and blames Medics for being too quick to sign her death certificate. She said the doctors declared her dead, but everybody else around me kept telling me she wasn’t. She didn’t look like she had died. Even after a day in the Tomb, the color of her body was normal. Her corpse didn’t smell. She just looked like she was in a deep sleep. There was no rigor mortis, her body was still flexible. It was impossible that she had been dead for so many hours. We were all so happy after being declared dead for such a long time. Everybody was saying that she had come back to life.

We were all so happy. I thought I was going to get my daughter back. There have been documented incidents in which people presumed dead have later been found to be alive, often in rural areas or third world countries, in which a conclusive medical determination of clinical death is Impractical or simply not made. This wasn’t the first time to bury it alive. 20 years ago, this month, a 20 year old, Emory University student was buried alive by a man who stalked her for months.

Barbara Jane mackel wasn’t found until three days later she wrote a book in 1972, but otherwise has not commented publicly on her ordeal. Her assailant Gary Stephen Christ spends his days as an Alaskan fisherman with a prison pen pal who became his wife. The Atlanta Journal Constitution said Sunday in a reprise of the Mackle story: Christ, a 23 year old ex-convict at the time, buried mackel beneath two feet of wet clay in a scheme that netted him five hundred thousand dollars in Ransom money. It would be a horrible thing to be buried alive. I don’t believe anything could be worse, said, Hubert T Jenkins, a member of the jury that sent Krist an itinerant with a chameleon-like charm to jail for life in 1969.

He was paroled 10 years later for some their brief brush with the Enigma Christ, who had been working as a research assistant at Miami Sea World. Before a stocking, mackel was one of the most memorable moments in their lives. You can depict him as the Devil Himself. Almost says Tommy Morris, Chris former parole officer, you can depict him as the wayward child gone wrong. You can present the character of Gary Crist.

In any light you want. Mackel was exhumed three days after her burial Christ had abducted her at 4am from a motel room near the Emory University campus, where she was a student. She had been carefully chosen, watched and stocked. He was looking for a rich, tough-minded female Morris said someone who could stand up to the trauma being buried alive, Barbara Jane mackel fit that profile in exchange for five hundred thousand dollars. Ransom.

Christ left a note giving the approximate location to mackel a site off Berkeley Road near Berkeley Lake about 30 miles north of Atlanta FBI agents who went at the soil covering mackel’s coffin with their bare hands, were in tears. After pulling her from the grave, she was both physically and mentally unharmed, a factor many believe later saved. Chris from the electric chair within 24 hours, Christ was captured off the coast of South Florida running to Nowhere in a speedboat he bought with part of the ransom. Within two months. He was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. Chris’s accomplice, Ruth Eisman Shire, was eventually captured and deported to her native Honduras. Most of the ransom money was returned to mackel’s Father a wealthy Miami developer. I don’t think money was the primary motivation. Morris said. I think it was more the challenge.

I honestly believe he pulled a caper like this, because everybody told him it was impossible. The challenge was to bury a woman to keep her alive in a carefully engineered coffin with two air hoses to the surface. The challenge also was to keep her inside, so he lied to her that if she broke through the coffin, the water in the surrounding soil would drown her before she could be saved Chris rigged, the coffin with a fan that supplied Mackle with food and water in A 1972 book 83 hours till Dawn the only time she has commented publicly about her ordeal, mackel, recalled screaming. As the shovelfuls of dirt hit the lid of the coffin, I screamed and screamed. She said the sound of the dirt got farther and farther away.

Finally, I couldn’t hear anything above. I screamed for a long time after that on May 4th 10 years and five months after the kidnapping Chris walked out of a back door of the Georgia State Prison in Reedsville there. He was met by a woman named Joan seven years. His senior Joan had met Chris through an exchange of letters while he was in prison. They flew to Alaska to marry several days later.

They’Re still together. Chris and his wife operate a shrimp boat in Sitka Alaska. A town of 8 000, where fishing and a pulp Mill Drive the economy, he’s a fisherman, and that is a kind. Lone Wolf thing up here, says one man who knows him pretty well, he gets along pretty well, but the bottom line is Nobody messes with him. As for the victim, mackel appeared only once in public after testifying against Christ, members of mackel’s family have reflected on how little the ordeal seems to have affected mackel, a wife and mother still living in Atlanta.

A recent article in the New York Times, for example, noted that a great many deaths in India happened in private homes and the dread are simply buried without medical examination or formal Declaration of death. However, that doesn’t appear to be what happened in this case. Illusions of death, though there are still some missing details in this strange case, there’s enough information to suggest a plausible scientific and psychological explanation. The faint muffled scream heard seemingly coming from Perez’s above ground tomb, was not a scream at all, but instead some ambient urban sound. Perhaps car break squealing in the distance or a siren’s whale that was interpreted by the girl’s grieving family as a cry for help, despite Sensational news reports that Perez was screaming and banging on her coffin.

There’S simply no evidence of that Beyond. These surely sincere, but likely mistaken Claim by her husband once he began quite understandably, panicking that his wife may have been buried alive. The others joined in hearing a dead loved one’s voice is common and harmless, especially in the early stages of grief or panic. Illusionary voices and Signs of Life can be created by well understood psychological process called apophnia, which causes people to hear distinct, sounds and voices in random noise. In fact, earlier this year, several Rescuers at a car accident in the Utah River mistakenly reported hearing a mysterious, non-existent voice calling to them from an overturned vehicle.

Ancient Greeks were afraid of zombies. A closer look reveals no evidence suggesting that Perez was still not dead. When her family broke into her coffin. She appeared calm and non-responsive in the videos by all accounts she never moved opened her eyes or spoke, and there were no doctors present. Her family seemed to assume she had apparently up till the moments before been alive and screaming, because her body was warm and pliable, but there’s no reason that Perez’s body would have been cold.

Honduras is located in the Central American tropics and unless she had been kept in cold storage for some reason, such as autopsy, the body would have been at ambient temperature in the 80s and 90s Fahrenheit last week, depending on the time of the burial. Furthermore, despite the common perception that dead bodies are rigid and stiff from the well-known process of Rigamortis, in which the body’s dying muscles tense up rigor mortis is a temporary condition that passes after several hours, depending on many conditions, including temperature and humidity.

Relatives also claim to have seen bruises on her fingertips, which could have come from anything and that a viewing glass in her coffin had been smashed. Though news video clearly shows a single break in the pain which could have happened when her relatives urgently broke into her coffin with a hammer had Perez been desperately beating against the top of her coffin from inside. In a panic bid to get out, it’s likely all the glass would have been broken and her hands cut.

Jan bondison in his 2001 book buried alive. The terrifying history of our most Primal Fear notes that being buried alive is one of humans deepest and most enduring fears. By the early 19th century, the danger of premature burial had become one of the most feared Perils of everyday life, and a torrent of pamphlets and academic Theses were dedicated to this subject by writers.

All over Europe, though, not Apparent at first glance: nayasi Perez’s recent burial has strong parallels to vampire accounts from the 1800s Europe, in which villagers would sometimes exhume the recently buried dead and come to believe that the deceased were vampires mistakenly ordinary decomposition processes for signs of Recent life and movement – this is a creepy accident. A woman is believed to have been buried alive by mistake and lay unconscious inside her coffin for 11 days before trying to fight her way out of the stone tomb Rose.

Angela Almeda dos Santos 37 appears to have desperately tried to escape her wooden casket, which had been nailed shut after she was buried alive, but she had already died by the time. Family members smashed open. The tomb last Friday after locals, reported hearing screams coming from her grave. According to reports, shocking footage shows the commotion in the senhora Santana Cemetery in rayakio Das Neves, Northeast Brazil, as local men took out the heavy coffin and removed the lid. Some people asked to call an ambulance, as others touched the woman’s feet and commented on how warm she feels married.

Mrs Santos was declared dead by a hospital on January 28th and was buried the next day. People living near to the cemetery alerted her family on February. 9Th 11 days after she had been laid to rest after hearing screams and bangs coming from inside the tomb, her body had reportedly turned around and still warm cotton wool which had been in the woman’s ears and nostrils had come out and she had injuries on her Hands and forehead where it appeared, she had tried to fight her way out. The nails around the sides of the coffin lid had also been pushed upwards and there were scratches and blood on the inside. They claim Miss Santos had been at the hospital Dio esto and berries in Brazil’s Northeastern State of Bahia for a week before being rest there by her family with severe fatigue, she suffered two cardiac arrests before dying from septic shock.

According to her death certificate, the two women who were married but didn’t have children reportedly suffered fainting, spells since she was seven years old and took anti-convulsant medicines. Her family said their goodbyes at a wake held that night and she was buried in a concrete Tomb at the municipal Cemetery in her hometown the following day, but last Friday, residents living on the street next to the cemetery raised the alarm after hearing screams banging and Groans coming from inside the woman’s Stone tomb, housewife Natalina Silva told Brazil’s G1 website that many people had heard muffled screams during the night. She said when I got there right in front of the Tomb I heard banging from inside it. I thought the kids who play around the cemetery were playing a joke on me. Then I heard her groan twice and after those two groans she stopped Miss Santos’s.

Mother germana de Almeida 66 said that when they took out and opened the coffin, they found injuries to her body when she claimed weren’t there when they buried her, she said she had tried to open the lid. Even the nails that had been hammered in were loose. Her hands were injured, like she’d been trying to get out Anna Francisco Diaz, who lives near the cemetery, told Brazil’s Global TV station. There were then 500 people who came here and packed the cemetery. Everybody went to see, lots of people touched her foot and everybody saw that she was still warm.

She wasn’t cold. The family believed that Miss Santos was declared dead in error and have reported the incident to police. Miss Santos’s sister is Mara. Almeida said, we don’t want to accuse any doctor, we don’t want to cause any problems, but we witnessed that situation. There’s just no way a person can be buried for 11 days and still be warm police chief, Arnaldo Monte, who is leading the investigation said we have today started to take statements from family members and other people.

If we need, we will exume miss Santos’s body again. So we can get to the bottom of what really happened. A spokesman for the hospital de Este, which declared her dead said they will provide all necessary information requested from them to the family and authorities. Death isn’t like we see in the movies, and most people have no real world experience with post-mortem bodies for those who are unfamiliar with forensics. The ordinary details of death may seem unexpected and mysterious, especially by people in the grips of grief, fear and Hope.

A teenage girl in Honduras had been buried alive and apparently woke up in her coffin news report said in an example of early trick, photography a ghost appears to visit a young girl beside her bed. This world is full of weird things that is happening around us.

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