When The Judge Learned Their Secret, He Said Something That Made Them Cry Like Babies

Their crimes were horrific two teenagers charged with murder attempted murder burglary and armed robbery jacob muzon 17 and drake campbell 18 sat silently when they got their day in court where the judge was decided whether or not to grant bail however it was not the judge’s decision that triggered an unexpected reaction but the two teens who began to solve when they realized the seriousness of their

Situation just two of a five-man group these two south carolina teens were suspects in a grizzly home invasion and murder in the quiet community of huger. For one teen trouble seemed to follow

The family drake campbell’s older brother kenneth was also involved in the incident and had pleaded guilty to manslaughter charges only a year prior to say these boys were trouble would be an understatement in the days prior to the boys appearing in front of the judge jacob muzon’s mother pleaded for mercy his sister even spoke on his behalf claiming that jacob was her best friend and he had simply made a horrible

Mistake she did not discount the severity of the situation but believed overall he was a good kid yeah i know what he did was wrong i completely understand it but he’s not a bad person he really is drake campbell’s family also tried to appeal to the judge’s good graces hoping for him to grant bail the family tried to paint drake as a good boy and not awful kids however the prosecution vehemently disagreed appearing before

The judge the prosecution argued that bond should be denied due to the violent nature of the crime and also the fact it took four law enforcement agencies two days to apprehend the offenders jacob and drake’s last hope all rested on the judge’s good graces no one knew how he would respond and it was very unexpected the boys attempted to keep calm and maintain their composure but unfortunately emotions got the best of

Them as their charges were laid out before the judge the boys knew things were not looking good in regards to their fates the gravity of the situation bore down on them and soon the tears began to flow uncontrollably unfortunately for the teens a summary court judge is not able to grant or deny bail when it comes to murder charges therefore even if the judge wanted to grant bail he wouldn’t be able to do so this left their fates in the hands of a

Circuit court judge but due to the violent nature of their crimes there was little hope the ruling would turn in their favor for starters the teens were considered a flight risk they were also deemed a danger and threat to society due to the extreme nature of their charges you won’t believe what they did you probably wouldn’t want to grant bail either according to the police reports both drake and jacob were involved in a home

Invasion that transformed into an execution-style murder for the victims kadeem johnson and his girlfriend it was simply a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time the couple was simply returning home for the day when they came face to face with five men lurking in their home it was then things took a turn for the worse the group of men forced both johnson and his girlfriend into the house at gunpoint they were loud and obnoxious

During the robbery they stole her purse and also robbed a couple of roughly three thousand dollars in cash before tearing the house apart searching for other valuable items however the men didn’t stop there and things took a very violent turn in his own home johnson was bound with duct tape and forced to his knees these criminals were disrespectful with everything they did it was easy enough to just take everything and leave but

They took it a step further there was no time to beg for mercy or plea for his life because moments later he was brutally shot in the head not satisfied with killing only johnson the group turned on his girlfriend what they did next really showed how barbaric they were she was shot in the hands and chest before the men fled the scene leaving her to die in a pool of her own blood stealing the vehicles that were left on

The property the men sped away without a thought for the horrific acts they just committed however it was then the story took a very weird turn according to the detectives three of the suspects have fled to the woods and were later arrested it was a strange place for them to flee to according to the police since the team’s canine unit was able to easily track them down maybe they thought the woods was a good hiding place thanks to a tip

From a local citizen the police were easily able to locate both jacob and drake in the nearby forest drake’s brother had also been arrested a few hours earlier in another wooded area it seemed the cover of trees was not enough to save these criminals from the law both jacob and drake had spent two days in the woods before they were found by the authorities according to the sheriff the boys did not put up a struggle they

Were exhausted and did not put up a fight we brought ems in to check them out because of the amount of time they’ve been in the woods one question on everyone’s mind involved in the case is what was the motive why did johnson and his girlfriend have to be the targets the sheriff believed they would soon find a clear message behind the murder but there were some clues the fact that three thousand dollars was stolen during the home invasion is a

Major clue that the group of men knew the money would be there beforehand it’s possible they were all connected to johnson through business dealings are friends although no one is 100 sure and it remains a theory at this point however there was a silver lining in this horrible case johnson’s girlfriend managed to survive and not succumb to her injuries unfortunately it is believed she may not be able to identify her attackers at

This point therefore the police are relying on the public for help the police have been quick to thank the local community for help and are hoping justice is served when it comes to the two teens involved two years after the deadly home invasion and murder the police department got their wish jacob muzon was sentenced to 40 years in prison and drake campbell was given 20 years now with time and healing maybe the victim’s family can find peace

Muzon and campbell aren’t the only people with gut-wrenching reactions to being sentenced for their crimes many other hardened criminals break down when justice is served take florida teen damon kemp who surprised everyone at his bond hearing kemp was arrested by police after evidence showed he was a suspect in an unrelated home invasion and aggravated robbery at the jade park apartment homes camp ran at officers screaming i killed

My friend when officers heard that chilling statement they investigated further it was around 2 am when police encountered camp and nearly 15 hours later they determined where he lived when they went to the apartment complex they noticed a gunshot hole in the door and a casing on the staircase when they entered the apartment they found something out of a horror film they located the bodies of trey ingram and jordan payton friends of kemp both

Individuals were shot multiple times and left there to die according to the police report when kemp was arrested he told officers the craziest thing to be honest i was going to unintelligible with my friend the ace his name is trey ingram i shot him this was just the beginning of his erratic behavior ingram was a student at bethenny cookman university and a promising athlete payton and ingram had let camp stay in

Their apartment for free a generous act that would prove fatal the most horrific thing about this incident is prosecutors believe that the act was premeditated charging kemp with two counts of murder when he was wheeled into the courtroom his behavior was shocking the judge found probably cause for his arrest denied him bond keeping him in police custody when kemp heard the news he began snarling and screaming his eyes bulging from his head showed

How shocked he was by the judge’s decision he began showing his teeth in disagreement even though he had already admitted to shooting the two teens he screamed god over and over again shocking everyone in the courtroom in response the victim’s family members screamed back at camp showing the intense pain they were experiencing one of ingram’s family members cried out day day why would you do that to trey day day i fed you trey fed you he let

You live in his house rent free why would you do that to trey ingram’s mother even had to excuse herself from the room as she was overcome with emotion camp’s reactions began to cause suspicion among all that watched on although there is no word on a possible motive yet many believe that kemp’s mental state isn’t 100 due to his reactions while entering the courtroom we will update you as more information is released although kemp’s behavior is

Unusual it’s not the most extreme we’ve seen dylan shoemaker was sentenced to 25 years in prison after he heinously beat his girlfriend’s 23 month old to death his crime was not only one of the worst ever committed but his reaction was also shocking as the judge read out his sentence shoemaker couldn’t believe his ears and began screaming out that he never meant to hurt or kill the toddler shoemaker was babysitting austin when he

Began crying shoemaker frustrated that the baby wouldn’t stop decided to beat the child horrifically he put a pillow on the back of the child’s head and began repeatedly punching him until he eventually lost consciousness the beating was so severe that austin had a brain eventually leading to his death the judge berated shoemaker saying he loved you he trusted you and you betrayed him the judge also questioned the validity

Of his story that he never meant to hurt the child calling him and you are a manipulator and you try to deceive he even played a phone recording the teenager had with his mother while awaiting trial the record will show that you admitted in a phone call to your mother from the holding center you stated i am a 16 year old blind probably all i have to do is cry in front of the jury and they’re going to feel sorry for me

13 people read letters to the court about how the crime impacted their lives including austin’s grandfather who shared his experience the night of march 19 my family’s life was decimated because this didn’t have to happen he had numerous opportunities to get out and seek help but he didn’t the fatal beating wasn’t the first time shoemaker used violence against the toddler his lawyers tried to argue that this

Tragedy wasn’t only shoemaker’s fault leaving everyone listening in disbelief but there were other dynamics at work there including my client’s inability to either control his anger or frustration and his inexperience in babysitting prosecutor colleen curtin gable wasn’t going to let that statement fly not for a second to blame anyone other than dylan for what happened flies in the face of reality she said she went on to

Rationalize that although he was inexperienced with taking care of children a normal 16 year old would have never done what he did the minimum sentence wasn’t going to happen for this teen as more evidence would reveal that shoemaker tortured the toddler before his death he reportedly slapped the child and harshly spanked him whenever he would spit food out he also slammed the child’s head against the floor while

Changing his diaper before punching his head yet he stated that taking ashley and her children in was his way of trying to give them a better life in the end he had no answer for what he did and didn’t do doctors had prescribed medication that would help him control his anger problem along with his add yet he decided not to take it still his attorney pushed for a more

Lenient sentence citing his tough childhood remorse for austin’s death and inability to care for children when asked why he didn’t go for help he said i can’t take that what was done i wish i could i’ll give my life for austin i loved him a lot then turning to ashley he pleaded he screamed and cried at the same time as he pleaded to ashley i didn’t mean to kill you i really did it

The officers behind him told him to face the judge to take responsibility for his crimes the court had no leniency for this child murderer they sentenced him to the maximum punishment allowed 25 years to life but now there’s an update on the case to everyone’s surprise the appellate court recently modified his sentence to 18 years to life what’s even crazier is that one day he may even get out after 18 years shoemaker will have the

Possibility for parole if he gets out he will need to have constant supervision for the rest of his life.