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When This Elderly Couple Quit Their Fast Food Routine, Staff Knew Something Was Wrong

The staff at a certain Chickfila in Georgia were on first name terms with one elderly couple. That’s because the Tucson Bobby and Richard usually visited the restaurant twice a week. So when they failed to turn up for their regular meals for months on end, employees knew something was wrong. Wrong. Lindsay Naramore McGuffy lives in Griffin, Georgia, as do her grandparents, Bobby and Richard. Needless to say, McGuffie loves her elderly relatives dearly.

However, she recently discovered that she wasn’t the only one to care for the older people. Twice a week, the couple visited their local Chickfila fast food restaurant. As a result, staff there came to know Bobby and Richard and eventually grew rather fond of them. And according to McGuffie, workers did all they could to ensure that her grandparents were happy.

Writing on the Love What Matters page, McGuffie explained they would set their table with flowers on special occasions, give them their order and say, It’s on me. Some days they went above and beyond for my sweet grandparents. So with this in mind, when the elderly couple suddenly stopped frequenting the restaurant, staff grew concerned. And when they didn’t see Bobby and Richard for a few months, they became really worried. As a result, they decided to track them down. From their regular interactions.

The Chickfila staff knew that many of Bobby and Richard’s children and grandchildren worked at local schools. As a result, they reached out to teachers, but without their cherished customer surnames, their inquiries soon drew a blank. However, the dedicated staff members didn’t give up, and by contacting local churches and schools, they were finally able to track the couple down. So one day they turned up at the grandparents home to surprise them with their favorite foods.

According to McGuffie, the thoughtful staff members had remembered everything about her grandparents’order, down to salad dressings and how many packages of nuts they like on their salads. And what’s more, they’d driven for more than half an hour to deliver the food in person. When McGuffie heard about the Chickfila, workers had gone the extra mile for her loved ones. She was understandably moved. I cried, she admitted online.

To me, my grandparents are saints, but when I see other people love them and care for them just as much, it is so special. McGuffie added, the part that touched my family the most was seeing the impact my grandparents had on people they encountered every day and seeing those people go the extra mile to see them not because they had to, but because in their hearts they wanted to.

The food was just an added bonus. Explaining her grandparents sudden absence from Chickfila, McGuffy said recently, my granddaddy’s health was diminished. He is overcoming a lot, making tons of progress and is doing much better. But despite Richard’s progress, he was still not fit enough to resume his twice weekly fast food dates with his wife. They haven’t been to Chickfila in months, McGuffie revealed. He hasn’t been able to physically get up and go to his favorite restaurant to see his favorite staff. But Bobby and Richard needn’t have married because when they couldn’t make it to Chickfila, staff members decided to bring the restaurant to them.

And McGuffie couldn’t have been more grateful to them. Expressing her gratitude online, McGuffie wrote, thank you Griffin, Georgia Chickfila for being beyond generous and giving during this difficult time. I am blown away by what I witnessed this day. She added, this is a moment that will forever be embedded into this family’s hearts and minds. The food was eaten and gone that day, but the impact this had will last a lifetime. There are angels on this earth. Keep your eyes open for the good through all the bad in this world.

As an added bonus, the Chickfila workers kind gesture reminded McGuffy how lucky she was to have her grandparents that night. This was all my granddad could talk about. I sat and listened to him and all I could think was how lucky I was for him to be my granddaddy, she wrote on Facebook. Reflecting on her elderly relatives is lovable demeanors. McGuffie added, My grandparents presence is something that everyone takes notice of no matter where they go, and the kind people at Chickfila were no exception. Soon enough, it emerged that McGuffie wasn’t the only one impressed with the Chickfila staff’s loyalty to their customers.

After posting her grandparents story online, it quickly went viral, earning more than 10 reactions on Facebook in a matter of days. Many social media users took the opportunity to congratulate those involved in the good deed. However, Lana Brown Delay, who is among the Chickfila staff to surprise Bobby and Richard, said the pleasure was all theirs. In the comments below, McGuffie’s love what matters post, Delay said I didn’t need any recognition. She added, this is the sweetest couple and CFA of griffin. Loved them and miss seeing them very much. It is an honor to know the Sweet family. We are blessed by Mr. Richard and Mrs. Bobby.