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‘Who Harmed You?’ School Photographer Asks Girl Hiding Wounded Fingers in Pockets

Photography was Laura’s first love, and she had been hired to photograph a group of school students. While setting up for the photo shoot, she noticed a little girl with wounded fingers. The sight sent chills down her spine, reminding her of the photographs on her study room wall, capturing the beauty of nature and architecture that defined her passion. However, her husband, Roger, no longer supported her artistic pursuits, believing that passion didn’t pay the bills.

Laura tried working at a small private firm to support their household, but it didn’t fulfill her like photography did. Despite the lack of recognition and financial success, Laura couldn’t let go of her passion. Determined to pursue it, she accepted photography gigs for weddings and social events. But there were moments, especially when the wine started to kick in, that she questioned if there was a point in continuing something that hadn’t brought her wealth or fame.

Yet, deep down, Laura knew there was a reason why she pursued photography. Brushing aside her worries, she applied for a part-time photography job to capture a group of school students. She received an email asking her to visit the school, and although she didn’t tell Roger, she packed her photography equipment and headed to the school.

Arriving at the school, Laura felt a sense of joy hearing the chattering and laughter of the students. As she set up her camera, she noticed a little girl, no older than ten, who seemed to hold secrets in her eyes. When Laura approached her, she saw fresh bruises and cuts on the girl’s fingers. Startled and concerned, Laura asked what was wrong, but the girl remained silent, hiding her hands in her pockets.

Before they could say more, other students and teachers filled the auditorium, prompting Laura to focus on the photo shoot. However, Ali’s wounded fingers lingered in Laura’s mind. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something was wrong with the young girl. Laura wanted to reach out to the school or the teachers to ensure Ali’s well-being, but her photo shoot kept her preoccupied.

Laura’s thoughts kept going back to Ali. She imagined the pain the little girl must be enduring and the cruel words she must be facing from her peers. Laura decided she had to meet Ali again, to offer her support and help. She followed Ali one day, finding her playing the guitar in an underground passage near a park. Laura approached her, and Ali opened up about the hardships she faced at school.

Ali revealed that both her parents had died in an accident, and she lived with her ailing grandfather. The rose bushes in their garden reminded her grandfather of his late wife, so Ali took on the responsibility of caring for them. She didn’t wear gloves, resulting in bruises and scratches on her hands. Laura’s heart broke for Ali, and she vowed to help her.

Laura began spending time with Ali, tending to the roses and providing emotional support. She learned about Ali’s love for singing and encouraged her to pursue her passion. Together, they sought therapy for Ali’s grief and helped her grandfather regain his health. Laura even organized an exhibition of her photographs taken in Ali’s garden, with Ali performing her songs.

Their efforts paid off. Laura’s talent was noticed by a wealthy businessman, who offered her a lucrative photography contract. Ali’s singing teacher recognized her talent and provided opportunities for her to perform. Years later, Ali had become a successful singer, and Laura had achieved recognition for her photography. The bond they formed had helped them both heal and grow.

Laura and Ali’s story was one of overcoming obstacles and finding solace and success through their shared passions. Ali was forever grateful to Laura for her support, and they continued to inspire and uplift each other.

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