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Widower Works 3 Jobs to Take Daughter Home from Shelter, Soon Learns She’s Not His Child

The grammar in the text needs significant improvement. Here is a corrected version: A widower works three jobs to take his daughter home from a shelter. He soon learns that she’s not his biological child. “I promise, sweetheart, give me a couple of months and we’ll be reunited. Wait for Daddy, alright?

Harry tearfully says to his daughter, Mia. “Don’t leave me here, Daddy, please. Where’s Mommy? Leave me with Mommy instead,” she cried. “Your mom.

.” Harry hesitates. “Your mom’s gone on a long business trip. I don’t know when she’ll be back.” To spare his daughter the hurt, the truth was that his wife died a month ago after battling cancer.

He hugged his daughter tight and said he’d visit again the following day. “You promise me?” Harry asked him. “I promise,” Harry nodded, holding out his pinky for a pinky swear. That night, Harry went to work at a warehouse where he was the night shift porter.

He had finished another six hours of work and had two hours to rest in the locker room before going to his next job, the grocery store where he worked as a cashier. While working there, he came across an old friend of his late wife, Samantha. “Hey, Ava,” he greeted her. “How have you been?” Ava looked at him with guilt on her face, which puzzled Harry.

“Hi, Harry,” she replied. “How are you? Where’s Mia?” Harry revealed that he had to leave her at a foster home while he worked three jobs. “Don’t worry,” he assured Ava.

“I’m only going to work these jobs for a couple of months. Once I have enough money to pay off the house in full, I’m gonna take her back, and we’ll never be apart again.” Ava asked Harry if he wanted to go out to lunch. “I have something to tell you. I should have told you a long time ago, but I was afraid of what Samantha would do to me,” she told him after inviting him to lunch.

“Of course,” Harry said. “Come on, let’s go to my favorite cafe,” he added, taking his apron off to take the hour-long lunch break. While they were eating, Harry revealed that he devoted himself to earning enough money to raise Mia alone. “Our savings were depleted trying to save Samantha,” he admitted. “We’re only a couple of months away from paying off our house in full, but now I’ll be able to do that even quicker if I work non-stop.

“You should take care of yourself, you know. Working three jobs isn’t healthy at all,” Ava said. Harry shrugged. “I’d do anything for my daughter, even if it means not seeing her for a while because of it.” “Sorry this had to come from me,” Ava suddenly said.

“But the truth is, seven years ago, Samantha met a man at a bar.” At this point, Harry’s breath was getting shaky. He was sure he wasn’t ready to hear what Ava was about to say next. “Samantha told me that Mia was the man’s child and not yours. She didn’t want to tell you because she saw how happy you were when you found out she was pregnant,” Ava revealed.

After the horrific news, Harry was too shaken to go back to work. He headed straight home, where he cried for hours. “What did I do to deserve this?” he yelled at no one in particular. He had no relatives, his wife had cheated on him, and the daughter he loved so dearly was not actually his.

Upon realizing this, he decided it was probably better for Mia to be adopted by a wealthy family rather than go back and live with him. For two years, Harry refused to visit the shelter. During this time, he was promoted to store manager where he once worked as a cashier. He was able to pay off his home and even purchased a small, inexpensive car. While Harry was managing the store one day, he received a call from the shelter about Mia.

The man on the other line revealed that Mia needed surgery and an urgent liver transplant. “If you’d like to be a donor, it’s best to get to the hospital as soon as you can,” he shared. Although there was a pain in Harry’s chest hearing that Mia was suffering, he knew he wouldn’t be able to help. He headed to the hospital, where he revealed he wasn’t her biological father. “We can still test you, sir,” the nurse shared.

“If you turn out to be a match, you can still donate to her if you want to.” Harry realized he couldn’t live with himself if he let Mia die. He allowed his blood to be taken, and it showed he could be a donor. “I’ll do it,” he said fearlessly. No matter how hard he tried to forget Mia, he still loved her and saw her as his daughter.

He had raised her, after all. The same day, the operation took place and was successful. Harry and Mia were placed in the same room where they both recovered. It was Harry who woke up first, and the nurse went to check on him immediately. “Congratulations, sir.

You and your daughter are both well. She’s very strong,” the nurse said. “She’s not my daughter,” Harry said sadly. “I thought she was, but it turns out she wasn’t. I don’t even know who her father is.

Even though he was sure all his life that Mia was his daughter, a nurse had a sympathetic look on her face but decided to speak up. “Parents aren’t always those who give birth to us, but those who raised us. It doesn’t matter whether or not your blood runs through Mia’s veins. The bottom line is she’s your daughter,” she said. Harry realized the nurse was right.

Mia had always known him as her father, and that would never change. Likewise, she was his only daughter, and nothing was going to change that. After they both recovered from their surgeries, Harry went to the shelter and processed Mia’s papers. “I’d like to take my daughter home,” he told the manager. Upon hearing this, Mia couldn’t help but cry, and she embraced her father with all her might.

“I love you so much, Dad. I missed you.”

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