Woman Discovers Her Son Was Being Used By Nanny – And Then She Learns The Nanny’s Shocking Past

Have you ever met a person you thought was nice but realized after a while that they were the complete opposite? Someone once said, “Some people are real, some people are good, some people are fake, and some people are real good at being fake.” And there’s no better way to describe the subject of this story, Ashley Bemis. This woman is so good at creating fake identities that the people who have met her say that she is a chameleon. But how long can she keep up with her own lies?

Before we begin, make sure you smash the like button, subscribe to our channel, and click the notification bell for more amazing videos. Many of us post regular updates on social media. Most of the time, these updates include a photo as well. But how many people actually wonder who is looking at those photos?

Do we just post them so a select few from our friends list could see them, hopefully even like them, without thinking about the others who have access to our news feed? But how could one simple upload change anything, one may wonder? Well, there are people whose lives were turned upside down after they shared their photos online. Take Ashley Bemis, for example. She never even suspected that some details from her photos of her and her daughter she posted on Facebook would turn her life into hell.

Until, in this case, it was probably for the better. Emily Strickland gave birth to her son Blake in 2010. After a while, when her son was three months old and she couldn’t handle everything on her own, she needed to hire some help. So, she found a nanny through an online service that matches families with daycare providers. After what followed, Ms.

Strickland probably regretted her decision. It wasn’t long before Emily found the perfect woman to care for her child, Ashley Bemis. The 28-year-old seemed to be a natural. She obviously knew her way around children, and Blake grew fond of Ashley very quickly. Emily Strickland was now certain she would be leaving her son in good hands when she left the house.

But can we ever be certain of anything when we let a stranger into our home? Blake Strickland wasn’t the only one who liked his new nanny. Now, don’t get to thinking that it was Emily’s husband who liked her too. This is not another story where the nanny seduces the husband. The other person who grew close to Ashley was Emily.

Soon after she hired her, the two women started spending more and more time together and became best friends. Everything was going well for the Stricklands and Ashley Bemis. About 14 months after she started working there, Ashley told Emily the good news: Ashley was pregnant. Emily was thrilled for her. Ashley was so good with Emily’s son Blake that Emily knew she would make the perfect mother.

A new baby would be a perfect addition to her happy little community. Emily was more than happy to help Ashley with anything that she needed during pregnancy. The two of them had a lot of time to share pregnancy stories and compare ultrasound skins, trying to figure them out. Emily even wanted to spare Ashley and cut her hours, but Ashley’s pregnancy seemed to be going smoothly, so she refused to take it easy. Some women are rather lucky with their pregnancies, and Ashley seemed to be one She needed to check that information, so she contacted Ashley.

Ashley confirmed that she had been 33 weeks pregnant with twins and that she had been in a horrible car accident. Since she knew that Ashley had a tendency to lie, she called the emergency room. Guess what? They didn’t have any record of Ashley Bemis. Haley said that Ashley even posted a photo of very small babies that were in a hospital hooked up to a machine.

In the description of the picture she posted, she wrote that these were her children, Hudson and Braley. Haley wouldn’t let go, so she did a reverse Google image search, and the photos came back to the Huffington Post. The three women all agreed that Ashley Bemis was beyond hopeless. Ashley said that the legal issues she was facing could serve as a wake-up call for her, and that with Dr. Phil’s help, she hoped she could change her ways.

Emily Strickland strongly disagreed, and rightfully so. If having restraining orders against you weren’t enough wake-up calls, why would this be? After her appearance on the popular TV show, the story of Ashley Bemis, the scamming nanny, had gone viral. Everyone she had ever met was now able to see her for who she really was. People around the country were wondering how she managed to trick people for so long, but as Katie said on Dr.

Phil, the woman was a chameleon. Everyone started analyzing her story and pictures and couldn’t believe that anyone had ever believed her. Well, it’s easy to say when you’re not the one loved. There were comments on how it was obvious that her belly was fake and that she wouldn’t be able to move the way she did in a video she posted if she was really pregnant. But when someone you know tells you they are pregnant, would you double-check that information?

It is strange that none of her friends noticed, but her firefighter husband’s face is well known to many across the globe. When Ashley Bemis posted a photo of her husband, Shane Goodman, on Facebook, it was actually a picture of an actor, Jesse Spencer, who portrays a firefighter in a TV show, Chicago Fire. Before that, he was a regular on the popular TV series, House MD. Ashley Bemis started her career as a con artist rather early. She was still in high school when her first fake pregnancy happened.

It is no wonder that she got so good at it when she had plenty of time to practice. A woman named Shannon Crowley talked about it on the Dr. Phil show. She thought she knew Ashley at that period. Crowley said that Ashley came to school one day and announced that she was pregnant, although she was still very young.

No one found it strange that she wanted to keep it. According to Shannon Crowley, more and more people found out about Ashley’s pregnancy, and no one had any reason to doubt it. They even threw a baby shower for her. Ashley’s first fake pregnancy victim was the man her mother was dating at the time. He explained that she told everyone that he had raped her and that the baby she was carrying was his.

When Dr. Phil asked her why she had done it, she said that it was because the man had been married, and she thought he had been using her mother. She obviously thought that he deserved to have his life ruined because of it. Although Ashley still sticks to her story, she never meant to hurt anyone. And that even though everyone thinks she was using the California wildfires for personal gain, she genuinely wanted to help people affected.

She claims that she thought people would believe her more if they thought she was somehow personally involved in it. But we will never know whether she is honest or playing one of her tricks again. Time will show whether the time she spent in jail will have any effect on Ashley Bemis. Will it really be a wake-up call, as she said? We hope Ashley sticks to her word and finds the much-needed help, but her reputation will not make it easy.

Now that the entire country knows that she lied to everyone she ever met, what reason do they have to think she could change?

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