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Woman gives birth when doctors realized who the father is they got shocked

Woman gives birth when doctors realized who the father is they got shocked natalie carney was diagnosed with cervical cancer more than a year after she first complained of discomfort to her primary care physician initially she was disregarded as suffering from women’s issues and cervical erosion before being diagnosed with cancer natalie believes that if she’d been allowed to get a smear test sooner she

Would have been able to detect cancer victim who was just 22 when she underwent a hysterectomy making her one of the country’s youngest ever hysterectomy patients has slammed the nhs for failing to provide her with a smear test which she feels would have saved her fertility the sad news earlier this year forced natalie carney to have her womb removed and she now risks an early menopause as well as chemotherapy and radiotherapy

Natalie who became one of the country’s youngest ever hysterectomy patients when she underwent the grueling procedure in march feels she would have not experienced infertility if she’d been legally permitted to get a screening test to detect cervical cancer earlier her cancer could have been cured in its very early stages if she’d received a smear test when she was 20 years old according to the former air hostess who’s coming to terms with the fact that

She would be unable to bear children and will experience menopause before her mother women in england are offered regular smear tests when they’re 25 years old whereas the rest of the united kingdom offers screening at the age of 20. the screening age was only raised from 20 to 25 in 2003 after health officials concluded that it was more harmful than beneficial in younger women nurse natalie was left suffering from

Symptoms for months after doctors missed many opportunities to diagnose her illness a 3.5 centimeter tumor was eventually discovered after several missed opportunities despite her initial optimism that the cancer might be eliminated by fertility preserving surgery she was later informed that she would require a surgical hysterectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy to be

Cancer free currently she’s in a race against time to harvest her eggs before she begins therapy in the hopes of one day being able to have a child with adam burton her boyfriend of six months i shouldn’t be in this situation natalie expressed her displeasure for as long as 18 months before it was diagnosed my cancer had been growing in my body if i’d been offered a smear test at the age of 20 the results would have revealed

That i had pre-cancerous cervical cancer and the doctors would have discovered it in time my future feels like it’s been shattered and i’m being forced to re-evaluate my choices even though adam and i have only been together for six months he may now be my sole hope of becoming a mother natalie initially notices that in january of last year when she began to have stomach aches but it wasn’t until

The discomfort became unbearable in july that she decided to seek medical attention at nottingham’s accident and emergency department she was dismissed and told she was suffering from women’s difficulties while she was there natalie was so concerned about the aches that she made an appointment with her doctor a few weeks later after a brief external check natalie was told that she might have a gallbladder

Infection but that it was most likely nothing to be concerned about the pain went away on its own and natalie decided not to worry about it despite the fact that cervical cancer symptoms do not usually manifest themselves in a synchronous manner however in november she began a connection with adam a 23 year old man and soon after their relationship turned physical causing her much more misery nonetheless when she went to her gp

After experiencing bleeding no smear test was recommended and doctors instead recommended that she be treated for sexually transmitted diseases natalie expressed her dissatisfaction with the statement saying i felt like she was assuming i’d been sleeping around despite the fact that i had not been in a relationship with anyone for more than a year before getting together with adam as many other young women i’d lost my

Virginity at the age of 16 but i’d done it responsibly and i’ve been experiencing stomach cramps for the previous year i knew it couldn’t possibly be that but i agreed to the tests regardless of my intuition the nurse explained to me that it would be similar to a smear test but i had to tell her that i’d never had one because i was just 20 years old and so i was not allowed to have one

It never occurred to anyone to offer me a pap smear says the woman natalie claims that she notices anything was amiss when she began bleeding while these swabs were being collected since the nurse’s expression told her something was wrong when the doctors arrived it was agreed that natalie would be referred to a gynecologist for further evaluation however she claimed she was told that due to her early age it was unlikely

That anything was wrong with her natalie’s doctor and gynecologist were certain that she was most likely suffering from cervical erosion a condition that can cause bleeding in between periods and was the cause of her bleeding a colposcopy and biopsy on the other hand indicated the worst case scenario the results of natalie’s tests revealed that she had breast cancer when you’re told that you have cancer

Your entire world comes crashing down around you she explained when the doctor told me i couldn’t take anything else in after that i was devastated the rest of the day i was dizzy and ill from not being able to process what was going on natalie was told by her doctor after having an mri scan that she may be eligible to undergo a tracheolectomy which is an operation in which she would have the damaged area of her cervix

Removed and then repaired giving her the best chance possible of being able to have children in the future however after further examination of the scan results it was determined that the tumor was too massive to be treated in this manner and that a radical hysterectomy would be required her tumor had been categorized as ibi which meant it was less than four centimeters in size and in the early stages of development

I would never be able to have children of my own because my womb would have been removed but because i would still have my own ovaries i would not go through menopause and i could someday be able to use my eggs in ivf and have children through surrogacy she explained up until that point i’d never really given much thought to my fertility despite the fact that i was studying to become a nurse at night and was concentrating on my professional goals i

Had always envisaged having a family of my own someday as a result i was being forced to consider the future and how things were not going to turn out the way i had hoped her lymph nodes were removed and checked to determine if the cancer had spread during the four and a half hour operation she underwent in march at nottingham city hospital natalie was diagnosed with breast cancer

In 2012. her disease had spread to her lymph nodes and blood arteries which meant she would have to undergo five weeks of chemotherapy and radiotherapy which would cause her to lose her fertility she was devastated when she learned the news two weeks later natalie described her feelings as follows i was devastated every one of my friends would have children and my sister who already has a child would be

Adding to their families and i’d never be able to do the same and i was devastated by this realization it was expected to begin my three weeks and it would take at least four weeks to harvest my eggs says the woman according to the oncologist i shouldn’t expect financing right now but they would defer treatment for an additional week natalie is now in a race against the clock to collect enough eggs to allow her and her lover adam to generate a few

Embryos that will be frozen for use in the future despite the fact that the young couple had only been together for a short period of time adam agreed to the operation in order to give natalie’s eggs a better chance of survival even if the ivf procedure is successful there’s only a 32 percent chance that the embryos will implant successfully once they’ve been re-implanted in the body

Despite being at high risk for cervical cancer natalie’s half-sister leanne cook age 30 undergoes routine cervical cancer screenings every 6 months when natalie’s other sister danielle age 20 went to the doctor to ask for a test the doctor told her that she was not qualified because of her family history despite the fact that the family had a history of hiv danielle has increased risk of cervical cancer because she’s a young mother

I’m terrified of the chemotherapy and i’m trying not to think about how unwell i’ll be as a result of it natalie added however lymphedema which is one common adverse effects of the medications they employ is what i’m most afraid of at the moment as a result i’m terrified of going through the menopause because neither my mother nor i have gone through it and i have no idea what to expect as part of a campaign to have the age

Limit lowered natalie claims to be living proof of how women are being disregarded by the legal system the mercedes-kernel foundation established in honor of a woman of the same name who died of cervical cancer at the age of 23 recently delivered a petition to downing street with 122 600 signatures urging the government to decrease the age restriction for screening tests from 18 to 16. what is cervical cancer

Generally speaking cervical cancer can occur anywhere along the cervix’s length the cervix is the aperture that connects the vaginal canal to the uterus it’s a component of the reproductive system and is referred to as the neck of the womb in some circles human papilloma virus hpv infection is the most common cause of cervical cancer accounting for nearly all cases cervical screening which tries to detect and treat alterations in cells before

They develop into cancer can often help to prevent the disease from developing cervical cancer often progresses at a glacial pace the severity of the condition is determined by the size of the tumor whether it’s spread and your overall health the most common causes of cervical cancer are as follows it’s estimated that nearly all cervical malignancies are caused by infection with the specific high-risk strains of

Hpv hpv can be obtained from the following sources any skin-to-skin contact in the vaginal area is considered harmful sex can take place vaginally anally or orally exchanging sex toys is not allowed who is at higher risk of developing cervical cancer cervical cancer can occur in anyone who has a cervix women trans males non-binary people and intersex people

With a cervix are all included in this category if you’ve had surgery to remove your womb and cervix you’re not at risk for developing cervical cancer total hysterectomy you may also be more susceptible to cervical cancer if you have any of the following characteristics cervical cancer is more likely in younger people under the age of 45 if you have an impaired immune system such

As if you have hiv or aids if you’ve given birth to several children or had children at a young age under 17. the hormonal medication des was administered to your mother while she was pregnant with you these dangers can be discussed with you by your doctor if you’ve had cancer of the vaginal volval kidney or bladder in your past you should consult your doctor thanks for reading.