Woman got pregnant from a monster at age 16, 77 years later she gave birth & everyone was shocked

Woman got pregnant from a monster at age, 16, 77 years later she gave birth and everyone was shocked. The idea of bringing another human into the world and the joy of seeing that person go through life is another powerful reason why couples want to have a child parents want to see their child grow up and become a productive member of society. They said that this woman got pregnant from a monster and gave birth to an evil creature. What happened next shocked everyone. After a three-year pregnancy, a woman igeoma gave birth to a horse-like creature.

Yesterday, in rumo, a village, the Nika community, obio-akpor local government area of Rivers, State the development Vanguard, left, the residents of the area and on confusion, igeoma was said to have been married for seven years and reportedly gave birth to the strange creature after three years of Conception Vanguard gathered from onlookers at the scene of the incident that the woman went into labor shortly after she was induced by workers of a Health Organization which visited the area to offer Medical Services to residents of the Anika, and the woman was one of the beneficiaries.

Igeoma, who narrated her ordeal during the three-year period of the pregnancy to Vanguard, noted that it was her first conception. She regretted that she did not seek proper, antenatal care or any other Medical Care. Even when she experienced bleeding at the ninth month of pregnancy. Igeoma said I am still in pain.

I have been pregnant for about three years now, when I came to give birth, I gave birth to a strange thing. It is evacuation. I did not go for any antenatal care. Meanwhile, the youth leader of the community, Mr Simeon chukwu, assured that the community would give it support to see that the woman receives good medical attention. This was a family nightmare.

Todd born in nagpur Maharashtra is believed to be India’s first known case of harlequin ichthyosis a severe genetic disorder. These shocking images show a baby girl with an extremely rare condition, which has left her without any skin. The baby born in nagpur Maharashtra is believed to be India’s first known case of harlequin ichthyosis, a severe genetic disorder which leaves the entire body encased in armor-like thick white plates separated by Deep cracks. She was born by cesarean section to a 23 year old woman from the Indian city of amravati at the Lata mangeshkar Medical College and Hospital pediatrician. Dr Yash baneid said the poor child faces a lifetime of treatment and daily skin moisturizing.

He said there is no cure for this disorder. All that medical science can do is try to keep the baby alive. Doctors say they’re, applying petroleum jelly and coconut oil onto the child’s skin and giving her a special nutritional supplement. Harlequin ichthyosis, which affects approximately one in 300 000 Birds, requires intensive care at Birth. Dr benade added the baby is not finding any difficulty in breathing and is now stable according to the hymn, a baby with the same condition lived for 24 years after being born in Pakistan in 1984.

Another child with the severe condition, was reportedly Born in the USA in 1994.. What is ichthyosis according to the NHS website? Ichthyosis is a long-term condition that results in persistently thick dry fish scale. Skin there is no cure, but a daily skin care routine usually keeps the symptoms, mild and manageable.

Most people with ichthyosis have inherited a particular faulty Gene from their parent. The signs and symptoms of inherited ichthyosis appear at Birth or within the first year of life. The faulty Gene affects the rated which their skin regenerates either the shedding of old skin cells is too slow or the skin cells reproduce at a much faster rate than they can shed old skin, either way. This causes a buildup of rough scaly. Skin ichthyosis can also be acquired as an adult caused by developing certain health conditions.

This baby condition was worse. A child born prematurely and Kong. Nin province has been diagnosed with a rare genetic skin disorder that results in thick dry, cracked, skin. The boy was delivered through a C-section last Sunday at 32 weeks at the Quang nin maternity and Children Hospital. His mother 27 did not have the routine screening before the birth doctor said, while the boy’s vital signs are normal, they diagnosed him with Harlequin type ichthyosis, a rare and painful disorder characterized by thickened skin, almost all over the body.

He is now being fed both intravenously and through tubes. The skin disorder is among the rarest and most severe forms of ichthyosis with a 1 in 500 000 occurrence rate. Dr Deng Hong duyan of neonatal Department said it causes the hypodermis to be 10 times thicker and the skin growth rate to be seven times faster than normal. She added Harlequin type ichthyosis is autosomal receptive and inherited from parents as carriers. It’S caused by a genetic mutation which prevents proper protein synthesis for the development of the skin layer.

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Diagnosis could be done by genetic tests through Anatomy, while prognosis for those afflicted by the disorder used to be bad, with newborns unlikely to survive to the first few days. After birth, modern medical development allows many to survive, there was no cure, but constant care could moisturize and protect the skin. This woman was abandoned by all Community. A mother in books are a district of Bihar was in for the shock of her life. On Thursday, it was supposed to be a joyful day for her, but instead turned into a surreal one when she delivered two babies instead of one and both attached from the waist down.

Doctors at the sadar hospital were also astonished to Behold The Amazing Baby or babies with two heads. The babies were delivered by shivrajo, who was pregnant for the third time. According to shivraajo’s husband, chotu Singh. They have two kids before one who was a girl and the other is a boy and both were born without any abnormalities. Ever since the news about the amazing babies has got out, people are flocking to the hospital by the thousands to see them.

While some people think the baby’s birth is a miracle. Others are considering it as a bad omen, but everyone is bewildered about how the two babies are alive and thriving. Both the babies and their mother are completely alright, but the case of has been referred to. Patna’S PMS Hospital, the babies have six limbs two hands each and two legs attached to the Torso and two heads, but only one torso similar case was seen in Bangladesh last year in November, when a baby was born with two full developed heads. However, in that case, the baby girl had four Limbs and one torso, but had two heads sprouting out from the neck region.

People can be harsh. Sometimes the stunned parents of a disfigured baby girl have hit back after cruel online trolls branded her a monster and says she should be killed. Parents of Nafi and racheli Goldman who live in Manchester were horrified by the Comets after they posted pictures of their daughter on Facebook. They had been told by doctors that Bhatia was not compatible with life and offered an abortion seven months into the pregnancy. The 3D scan revealed she had a rare congenital disorder and the tiny girl is deaf blind unable to breathe on her own and has a malformed skull and a twisted spine naffy admits he was initially frightened by her bulging eyes and unusually shaved head this month.

The devoted pair shared photos of Bhatia on Facebook and were horrified when they were slammed by cruel critics, who said their monster should be killed, but the pair insist. They don’t regret bringing the little girl into the world and are raising 500 000 pounds to pay for her care costs. Naffy from Manchester said we were told to abort straight away and the doctors knew she would be born with a serious medical condition. They weren’t sure what, but they knew Bacio would be seriously disabled. We were told she wouldn’t make it through the birth and, if she did, she would die in infancy.

They said caring for her would make our lives unbearable. It was absolutely heartbreaking to hear our world came crashing down, but God is a Creator and he doesn’t make mistakes. He will look after the gift we have been given. When we saw the comments on our photographs, we were horrified. We didn’t think people like this existed.

What people were saying was Dreadful people say they had never seen such an ugly child. They said our children is a creature. One person said what we are doing is abuse and someone told us she looks like some kind of monster. People said why bring a creature into this world should have killed her. It broke our hearts.

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The couple had been trying for a baby for two years before finally conceiving Bhatia Nafi says they were delighted and couldn’t wait to settle as a new family in Manchester. They all said the scans throughout the pregnancy were totally normal until they had the 3D scan while visiting family and near Tel avivo, Israel doctor said she would be born very disabled and would likely not survive, but her parents opted to reject an abortion. Nafi said it was like an earthquake, a bombshell we were so excited for when she arrived before the doctor told us, we should kill our baby as soon as we walked out of the doctor’s office. We said straight away that we will keep the baby no matter. What we felt as though it was God’s will it was what our purpose in life is.

There was nothing at all to debate. We knew it would be hard, but we had to accept our destiny. To us. Aborting at seven months would have been Murder. She wasn’t defeated, she wasn’t a real life baby.

We were not prepared to take a child’s life and we were defiant about not aborting jewelry dealer Nafi and his wife moved to Israel after the scan to be closer to family Bhatia was born deaf blind unable to breathe on her own with spina bifida Pfeiffer syndrome And antleigh Bixler syndrome on January 3rd, the baby was rushed to intensive care and suffered respiratory failure during infancy and is now kept Alive by a ventilator Navi said she had an enlarged head and her eyes were bulging. I could see straight away that her spine wasn’t straight. She was frightening to look at. It was scary for us. We knew straight away that the future was going to be very, very hard for us.

This month, Mama Marcelli shared photos of her baby on Facebook and was viciously attacked by online trolls for going against Medics advice. The messages said things like: do you think keeping this creature alive is the right thing to do. Another show called Bacha a sick fetus. Well, one person said richelli’s baby looked like Medusa known in Greek mythology as a monster, both Nafi and richelli, had to give up their jobs, and spent 24 7 in alternate shifts caring for their daughter. She requires 80 procedures a day that keep her alive, including round-the-clock, medication and feeding via tube.

If her Airways are not cleared every three hours, she would suffocate, we do it out of love for our daughter, said Nafi. We give her intensive care at home, so we can’t work. We do 12-hour shifts between us. The government provided us with some equipment, but we have to pay for a lot of the medication. We have to clean our ventilation tubes and if we miss a suction, then she could suffocate.

We work to keep our daughter alive. Around 80 percent of children born with Bocce’s disabilities die within 12 weeks, but she has found a way to survive and just like every other baby Bhatia loves to be loved Nafi. Who is a grandfather and has a daughter, 21 from another relationship, said she’s pampered baby for sure she loves to be kissed. She loves to be held. She likes to know when people are around her.

She can’t see her here, so he tried to be around her. All the time, so she isn’t scared her body has adapted to not die. She has amazed us. This is the hand we have been dealt. She has found a ways to survive and we absolutely love her.

The couple had planned to live in the UK full-time and had begun applying for citizenship for israeli-born racheli. Not all people accept the difference. An awesome has revealed. She was called a monster by cruel trolls for choosing to laser off her baby’s facial birthmark, but claim she did it to help her child stay at home. Mom Brooke Atkins 33 from Gold Coast welcomed her second child, a baby boy named Kingsley six months ago, but soon after he was born Brooke and her partner, kaween Wallace 27 noticed a large port wine Mark covering half of his face.

Port Weinstein birthmarks are usually harmless, but if on the face, particularly over the eye, they can be linked to glaucoma and sturge Weber syndrome. This can cause seizures and other disabilities, while glaucoma, which can cause blindness Kingsley, was diagnosed with both the thing with poor wine. Stains is that they are progressive, meaning they will change and darken over time. Brooke, who is also Mom to Omani 2 said they can develop a cobblestone appearance with raised bumps ridges and the risk of vascular blebs, where they dangerously bleed. Once a poor wine stain gets to this stage, it is often very difficult to treat and Laser barely has any effect as the skin is already far too damaged.

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She then decided to use a laser treatment on kingsley’s Mark. The only way to treat a port wine stain is through laser treatments and the most effective laser thread is called a pulse Dye Laser when he was first born. We were referred to the Queensland Children’s Hospital dermatology and Vascular Department, where they organized the first treatment and explained in further details why laser would be important. The purpose of the laser treatments are not to remove the birthmark, but instead keep the skin healthy to prevent any further damage to the area. The family are currently going through the treatment with Kingsley and are amazed with him every day, but the choice to treat the Mark has been slammed by trolls on Tick Tock, who Brooks says called her a monster after she shared a post about it.

One person said: don’t think I could laser my baby. Another commented that birthmark is barely visible. What you’re doing to him is horrible, it’s more for you than him brainwashed, mother, making her kid insecure. The second he gets out of the womb commented another user. Why is everyone supporting this commented someone else, while others were quick to support her?

One person said you’re the mom, and you know what is best for him. Another commented he would have still looked as beautiful, with or without the birthmark of the reception she has received online. Brooke said honestly, when I first started reading the negative comments, I sat there for a good half an hour and cried to myself. I had a whole heap of mom guilt and it made me question my decision, even though I knew I was doing the right thing. The cruel word still played in my head, thankfully, for every negative comment: there were 100 positive, so it helped a lot.

I just wish these people had known about the health issues connected to these types of birthmarks. Before writing these things, this wasn’t for cosmetic reasons and that as parents, this was the hardest decision we had to make, but the last six months have been extremely hard on us and reading these comments actually do hurt. This is the last thing we need judgment from those who have no understanding around my son’s conditions.

She added, although I constantly worry about my son’s future and what it will be like he continues to hit all his milestones. This journey for our family has just started and there is a long road ahead, but we will push through over 20 Hospital appointments, two different hospitals over 10 different Specialists and doctors, five different medical departments; three MRIs one ultrasound, two hearing tests, two operations, two laser treatments And three diagnoses all in six months, yet he is the happiest most loving and sweetest boy.

You will ever meet what is a port wine stain birthmark? A port wine stain is a birthmark caused by the over development of blood vessels underneath the skin. The change in blood vessels is caused by a genetic mutation which occurs before a child is born and will remain for the rest of a person’s life. Though the severity of them differs between people, port wine stains begin as a flat red or purple Mark over time and can become more raised, bulkier and darker in color.

They can occur anywhere on the body, but 65 percent of them appear on a person’s head or neck around three and every one thousand babies has a port wine stain and they are more common in girls than in boys, though.

The reason for this is not known. Treatment usually involves laser treatment to remove some of the dark color from The Mark or camouflaging the discoloring, using a special type of makeup, thanks for reading.

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