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Woman photographs strange bird, but then she realizes what it really was.

Woman photographs strange bird, but then she realizes what it really was. The great Batu or the ghost bird is a nocturnal bird that lives like an owl but doesn’t belong in the same family. It feasts on large insects and small vertebrates they’re said to be commonly found in South America, mostly in Colombia.

This is the moment, a ghost bird with freakishly big eyes and a humongous mouth terrified, a woman in Colombia, a rare great two was spotted by an unnamed woman in Magdalena, who initially mistook the bird for a piece of wood every other day, netizens come across different And rare species of birds and animals that set the internet Ablaze with their uniqueness, an unnamed woman in Magdalena Colombia attracted a lot of attention

after she spotted the rare ghost bird or the great patu, the bird who she mistook for a piece of wood, terrified her With its freakishly big eyes and a big mouth at first, the woman thought that the camouflage bird is part of the fence in chibolo in the northern region of Magdalena. However, when she approached it, spooked her with its haunting scream, the video shared on the viral hog, YouTube channel has been going viral since then in the video, the ghostbird is seen seated still at first, but then opens its mouth to scream.

She began filming the camouflage bird sitting perfectly still on a wooden fence in chibolo when she noticed things weren’t, as they seemed after spending a few seconds making sounds to check. If the strange piece of wood would move, the great Patu opened its eyes. The bird can be seen scanning the people near it, while kids can be heard. In the background of the footage, when the woman began moving closer to the bird, it opened its large mouth in a bid to scare her off the bird known for its blood curdling scream is usually nocturnal, however, appears to be enjoying the heat sitting in the sunshine. The woman said the first time I saw him.

I thought it was a stick, but he moved and I approached him. The bird opened its eyes and mouth and scared me a lot, but being so strange, I decided to take pictures and record videos when I got closer. I raised my hand and he opened his mouth in reply. According to the mail online she’d visited the farm at least five times before the sighting and had never seen the creature, the bird opened eyes and mouth and scared me a lot, but being so strange, I decided to take pictures and record videos when I got closer. I raised my hand and he opened his mouth in reply.

I’Ve been to that farm about five times Neighbors in the sector say they’ve heard it before, but whoever saw it more than 15 years ago, commenting on YouTube. One person wrote that’s the creepiest thing. I’Ve ever seen in my whole life. Someone else said they look, unnatural, their eyes, don’t fit their body and they look like they have frog mouths. A third added I don’t know how he turned all slow to look at her at the end.

According to, the great Patu is mostly active at night and is known for its loud scream. Its bio says a monstrous nightbird superficially, similar to an owl but not related pale, modeled gray with large head larger than other patoos and lacks a dark mustache stripe, while camouflaged and difficult to spot most often seen roosting on a horizontal limb during the day. Less often on a broken off snag, like other patoos found in forested areas and edges active at night, when it feeds on large insects. Listen for its terrifying call, a harsh descending scream.

The woman who saw the bird said that she first thought it was a stick, but when it moved closer, it opened its mouth and eyes which scared her reported the sun. She added that species of the bird had not been seen for the last 15 years. Netizens were stunned to see the video as they shared their thoughts on video. One person wrote that’s the creepiest thing. I’ve ever seen in my whole life, another user commented I would literally disappear if I saw that I wouldn’t even get close to it.

You’ll see my shoe marks down the road. The thing looks like a fusion of a small dragon and a bird another individual commented. The great Batu is usually found in the Southern Hemisphere and uses its beige colored feathers as camouflage against predators during the day. The nocturnal Birds which are found in tropical America perch on tree stumps and seamlessly blend into the bark by Plumping up their feathers before going off hunting for flying insects to eat. At night, in 2016, photographer Frederick consejo from Belize accidentally captured a picture of a northern Batu after mistaking it for a tree stump the 55 year old, cansejo Corazon District police, said.

I was taken by surprise when I realized that a funny-shaped tree at my friend’s house was actually a northern Batu I’d been hoping to photograph one of these birds for years, but they’d always been too difficult to spot a lot of our favorite fantasy movies, they’re Fantastical Animals in all sorts of bright colors who look so magical and it’s hard not to wish they were actually real. Well, great-eared night jars, look like they’re straight out of a fantasy movie and lucky for us they’re, very real, great eared night jars are found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and they’re nocturnal, so they roam the forests under the cover of Darkness.

Besides the way they look, something unique about them is that they make their nests on the forest floor and their babies are well camouflaged by all the leaves, for whatever reason, these birds barely look like birds at all. They look more like fluffy Little Dragons or creatures from a Harry Potter, movie, they’re adorable, and delightful to look at either way and definitely helped to bring our favorite fantasy world to life. There are other species of night jar out there, but none are quite as unique as these little dragons.

The great eared night jar is truly One of a Kind they’re. Always a creepy thing happen around us. A pair of campers were shocked to see a big cat walking in the Peak District, having captured their encounter on camera for fear that no one would believe what they’d seen watch the footage. Josh Williams and his friend Ben were walking on Monday, the 26th of September, leaving from mermaid’s pool on Kinder Scout towards Adele so that they could return home after a night of wild camping. But just as they passed Jacob’s Ladder, the duo were baffled to spot what they thought was a wild cat in a nearby Field.

Josh page 17 said they were both confused when they first saw the creature and stood staring at it for five minutes to try to work out what it was before. He eventually decided to start filming it, so he could zoom in for a better look. He recalled we tried attracting its attention so that it would turn and face us so that we could get a better understanding of what we were looking at. We honestly had no idea what it could be, if not a big cat. It was in a field of sheep with no different animals around and it appeared to have a long black tail, so it definitely wasn’t a sheep.

According to Josh, the suspected cat sounded like it was feeding on something with the occasional crunch, giving him the impression it was eating a dead animal, most likely a sheep. We could instantly tell it was something different. The moment we laid eyes on it. We both saw it at the same time and gave each other a confused look. The teenager continued, I could tell we were both thinking the same thing as the day before we were actually discussing the possibility of us running into a wild cat.

Whilst on our trip Josh said the other animals were seemingly unbothered but were keeping the distance. It was Eerie he said saying the jet black silhouette stuck out amongst its surroundings, like a sore thumb. Well, Josh and Ben tried to catch the cat’s attention. They didn’t move in any closer as they were worried about becoming cat food. Eventually they had to leave to catch their train, but the bizarre encounter lingered with them long after they’d left.

We didn’t shut up about what we saw the entire way home telling each other. It can’t possibly be a wild cat. Josh said, but then that begs the question: what the hell is it he showed the video to his college, tutor and other friends who said they were all in disbelief as well. He added, I was glad I managed to capture it on video after the event unfolded. As I knew that nobody would believe me if I told them I’d seen a panther in the Peak District, the first time I went camping according to Derbyshire times, YouTuber novice wildcamper AKA 53 year old Michael also said he recently heard a guttural growl, while visiting white Edge having posted a video online after he shared a video of the strange sound many people commented to say it sounded like the growl of a big cat like a big leopard or Lynx.

However, this is also unconfirmed. This woman was shocked. A woman in Santa Fe Argentina has stumbled across a strange double-headed creature and the internet’s going crazy, lulan erolas 46 was walking in her Courtyard when she came across this creepy looking Critter before she shouted her friends across in horror. The rough-skinned creature looked like a serpent with two heads, measured about 10 centimeters and had skin just like a snake. I’d never seen anything like it.

It was just like a snake and its eyes were so strange. Mr rollless said adding that the creatures seemed to Blink with one eye I looked down and I encountered the strange animal fear struck me knowing that it could have been poisonous. She said we all thought it was a mutant animal, which is why we filmed it and put it online for people to give us their opinions. Miserolis posted the picture on her Facebook page to ask if anyone knew what it was. I think it’s a deformed creature.

This planet is so old that it gives everything a chance to reconstruct into something else said: Robert Moore one thing for sure: it’s not a caterpillar because it has no legs. He said that may be the head of a viper commented: another Facebook user, Fernando Garcia, a disabled snake. He better not go into the woods, said: Cheryl Bagley who’s. Among the 3 000 people who commented on Mr role’s post, many have suggested that the creature is an elephant Hawk moth caterpillar known for their horn-like curved spines, Hawk moth caterpillars can be found in a range of habitats, including open countryside, woodlands and City Gardens. It has two large eye markings behind the head, which tricks Predators into thinking it’s bigger than it is.

We did an extensive Google search on the subject and also several people told us that it was a caterpillar which will become a butterfly said, Mr roles. The reason it was in my Courtyard was because it was feeding off Vines near my house, and it was camouflaged to look like a form of Viper to scare off predators. Elephant moth caterpillars can grow to more than three inches long and get their name because they resemble elephant trunks. Why women always discover creepy things? A U.

woman found an exceptionally rare venomous two-headed snake, while doing a bit of gardening. Stephanie Myers from Northern Virginia was out in her garden last week when she came across the copperhead snake rather than screaming and running a mile, like many of us, would have done quick thinking, Stephanie managed to safely capture the snake and then took some snaps of it, Which she posted to Virginia wildlife management and controls, Facebook page asking what are the odds of finding a two-headed snake and the odds were pretty damn low?

According to experts, the post about the snake quickly came to the attention of herpetologist John D klopfer, who wrote that in the wild biocephalic snakes are exceptionally rare before adding that they often die at a young age because of the challenges of living with two hands. However, he’s now hopeful that the snake which is currently being cared for by an experienced reptile keeper will go to live in a zoo where it can get the attention it needs to survive. He told USA Today that the snake was young, probably around two weeks old, and that the little guy wasn’t much of a threat to humans.

The two-headed snake was around six inches, but when fully grown, copperheads can measure 18 to 36 inches and, although usually pretty harmless, they’ve been known to attack humans. If disturbed in a post klopfer said this two-headed Copperhead was found in Northern Virginia wild biceyphilic snakes are exceptionally rare because they don’t live that long too many challenges living day to day with two heads.

Thanks to the wildlife center of Virginia, we were able to determine that the left head as the dominant esophagus and the right hand, is the more developed throat for eating with little luck and care. We hope to eventually donate it to a Zoological facility for exhibit, despite klopper’s, assurances that this small snake wasn’t really a danger to anything other than insects. It hasn’t stopped people from posting online to confess that they would have freaked out and they found it in their garden and I’m with them to be honest, klopfer added to USA Today that it was now his goal to keep it alive.

Best of luck to you mate. This was most bizarre. A California woman, Gianna paponis shared pictures of something horrifying. She found in her backyard. These photographs have gone viral after they were shared on social media site Reddit with the caption friend found this outside her house. Indeed, appearing to show some kind of horrifying creature with pink skin two legs and a distorted face, the pics quickly went viral and they sparked a few alien conspiracy theories. Gianna paponis, who originally shared the images to her Facebook, said. I wasn’t going to post this, but I can’t stop trying to figure out WTF. This thing is, I heard someone scream at like 11 30 last night and went on my side yard and found this thing. It was dead when I found it.

Perhaps the weirdest part is that the creature was found in San Jose California, the same area where mysterious lights believed to be a UFO were spotted by thousands of people over the weekend. Suffice to say, the pictures quickly sent the internet into a frenzy, Reddit user Lolly Mack wrote. I don’t know what the f. That is, if your friend is brave enough to remove it from their property, remind them to Salt the ground afterwards. Nothing good can ever happen.

There now Albatross added, I think it’s beautiful some claim. The discovery is half a deer. Fetus, that’s been eaten by predators, Digi wrote, miscarried, deer, half eaten by raccoons, Etc. 13.82 billion years, the universe came catastrophically into being roughly 13.

19999 billion years later, a Consciousness winked into existence on a tiny planet on the outer arm of the spiral, galaxy and started. Looking up wondering why nothing had made contact yet, sometimes when you look around our planet, it seems inconceivable that there couldn’t be more like it out there. However, given the sheer scale of not only space but time to the chances of coming across any Little, Green Men suddenly appear to be vanishingly small little green men aside. The estimates for the likelihood of finding any kind of Life at any and all in the universe range from 99.

999 certainty to less than one percent, and it all hinges on finding just one single, solitary bacteria somewhere other than Earth. If we were to find that life has sparked itself into life on, say Europa, it would immediately double the number of known inhabited planets in the universe for life to arise once could still be a chance, but fertilized twice on two different planets.

Although Europe is a moon, but whatever drastically increases the probability that life is common, as opposed to rare, if we establish that life is common, it then becomes much more likely, perhaps even inevitable, that intelligence would emerge all this said, even if the aliens are out there Contacting them is a whole other kettle of fish. Obviously we could argue that, had the universe turned out that way, there would be no one there to observe it.

We’re only able to question the bizarre Serendipity of our situation by virtue of that serendipity. Even then, it doesn’t make it any less unlikely and unlikely is generally not a scientist’s favorite word. There may well be an underlying reason as to why a universe should form it all, but for now we’ll just have to be thankful that it did. Life is full of mysteries quotations to activate your inner potential. It’s amazing, where God will take you when you’re willing to follow the world is full of mysteries and the joy of uncovering, even the slightest mystery is incomparable to any other Joy you’ll ever know. What do you think?

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