Woman Returns Home from Work and Finds Unfamiliar Girl in Her Husband’s T-Shirt

Woman returns home from work and finds unfamiliar girl in her husband’s t-shirt. A woman comes home early from work and is shocked to find a beautiful, strange girl in her house wearing only one of her husband’s t-shirts when vicki madison went home early that wednesday afternoon. She never expected that it would change her life. Vicki was feeling miserable. She had the flu and was running an intense fever.

She looked so terrible that eventually her office manager sent her home to rest and off vicki went sniffling eyes watering. She had no idea that soon she would be feeling even worse, vicky took a taxi car to her home. She walked up the steps to her front door planning her afternoon i’ll make myself a good hot cup of tea, take aspirin and have a nap. The kids won’t be home until six. Today she walked into the home and noticed that her husband’s car keys were on the table.

In the hall was tom home. She wondered. Maybe he was sick too those days weather, wasn’t good trust is the cornerstone of a strong relationship. However, when vicki walked into the lounge, she had the shock of her life. There was a young woman there, a tall slender, very pretty brown-haired person, but the most shocking thing was that she was wearing a something very private to their relationship.

The girl was wearing tom’s, favorite, elton john t-shirt and little else what gas vicki? What are you doing in my house who are you, the girl, smiled and said hi? I’M tara, tara, vicky said staring at her disbelief. Why are you wearing my husband’s favorite t-shirt? What are you doing here?

A voice interrupted her vicky honey, you’re home vicki, turned around and saw her husband tom standing there, looking very surprised and ill at ease. So are you vicky snapped, i’m sick? What’S your excuse? Your girlfriend? No tara!

Cried it’s! Nothing like that at all. Ma’Am! Listen! Tom said it’s not what you think he held out his hands and vicki saw that he was holding several pieces of clothing.

This young lady was walking along the road, and so you offered her a lift and a t-shirt asked vicki sarcastically, no, a car drove by and splashed her tom explained. The poor girl was soaked and covered with mud. So, yes, i brought her home and put her clothes in the washer and dryer and yes, i lent her my t-shirt and made her some tea. But that was all please tara, said and vicki saw that there were tears in her eyes. Your husband was so kind and respectful.

I don’t want him to be in any kind of trouble. Vicki hesitated is this the whole truth tom she asked Vicki tom said: how can you doubt me? We’ve been married for 17 years and i’ve never looked at another woman. Vicki sniffed, i guess she whispered. In my eyes, no one is as beautiful as you.

Tom gave back the girl, her clothes and called her a cab to take her home, and then he tucked Vicki into bed and brought her some hot tea. Oh tom Vicki said you’re such a sweetheart and so kind, but the next time you rescue a lady in distress. She better be very old and very ugly. What happened with this woman was little different, however, with same kind. Attention in the end, jasmine and anna had been sitting at a window table in a small cafe for more than an hour, but they still hadn’t touched their coffee.

The friends were staring intensely through the window across the street. Jasmine felt tired and berated herself for having let her friend lead her on. She had a lot of urgent work to do and they had already spent so much time without any use and all because anna told her about her husband, cheating on her with a young beauty and right now sitting in a cafe in front of Robert’s office.

They tried to catch the cheater red-handed jasmine did not fully understand why all this was necessary, but anna was adamant. After waiting for another 10 minutes, jasmine finally decided to leave, she had already risen from the table when suddenly anna yanked, her by the sleeve and pointed her eyes in the direction of the street, robert jasmine’s husband, was walking out of the office building with a spectacular Black-Haired young woman in a miniskirt she smiled at the man and told him something enthusiastically.

Robert opened the car door in front of her and the luxurious black sedan gleaming with a fresh polish drove the couple away in an unknown direction. Anna rejoiced, the woman was happy to finally be able to open her friend’s eyes, but jasmine was not amused. Despite anna’s, encouraging words, jasmine was distraught and her eyes welled up with tears.

She did not want to stay there any longer and after a reserved goodbye, she hurried off jasmine got out into the street shivering with cold an icy autumn, wind chilled her to the bone, and she pulled the collar of her coat tighter on the way home in The cab the woman tried to hold back her tears, but they would traitorously roll down her cheeks. She replayed in her head the recent event and thought about how easy it was to lose happiness instantly so many times she had heard from acquaintances about cheating, divorces and scandals, and she never thought that she would find herself in such a situation too.

Robert was the closest person to her in the world, and the best man who had never given her a reason to be jealous jasmine was always amazed at how lucky she was in life growing up in an orphanage. She was able to make her way in life and achieve everything on her own at school. The girl discovered a clear talent for mathematics, while others had trouble, adding fractions she easily multiplied and divided large numbers and solved complex logarithmic problems. Naturally, she immediately went to college and graduated with honors after graduation. She got a job at a prestigious company as an analyst and soon she met her future.

Husband, jasmine still did not understand what the handsome Robert the son of wealthy parents had found in her. But after a year of dating, he asked her to marry him. His parents, of course, were against the union of their son with a woman who had been brought up in an orphanage. His mother even tried to talk her son out of getting married, saying that jasmine just wanted to have a baby with him and live her whole life carelessly at his expense. But Robert did not listen to his mother.

The wedding took place and the young couple were happy despite everything, Robert’s mother prediction did not come true because after 10 years of marriage, the couple had no children jasmine tried everything and went to different doctors. But finally, the diagnosis was ruthless infertility. Since then, the main thing in jasmine’s life became care of her husband, but today everything has changed. She was driving home and wondering what she could do now and how to live her life upon entering the house. Jasmine became a little more cheerful and decided to cook a delicious dinner.

She imagined that Robert would come home. They would sit down at the table and calmly talk about everything she kept convincing herself that she shouldn’t have believed anna. Surely it turns out that it was not a mistress at all, but just a colleague at work, jasmine’s move improved noticeably. She looked around the beautifully laid table and wondered why her husband was gone so long. She even went to the window in anticipation, but did not see anyone like him.

Only a man in shabby clothes and tattered boots was sitting on a bench near the building hunched over with his head down. It was drizzling November rain outside and jasmine in an act of pity for the poor vagrant put on her jacket, took an umbrella and ran out into the street. You’Ll, get completely wet and freeze here. If you have nowhere else to go, let’s go to my place at least have some tea and warm yourself up a bit. She said to the stranger the man looked at her surprised, but obeyed and followed her up to the apartment.

Now jasmine could see the stranger’s face carefully and was dumbfounded in front of her stood david, a former classmate and friend of her youth once her faithful admirer david. Is that you what a meeting jasmine shouted embracing the obviously confused man? I don’t remember you. I don’t remember anything at all: the man mumbled confusedly, but jasmine was not listening. She looked at her childhood friend, sadly remembering how he had tried to woo.

Her awkwardly at school gave her bouquets of daisies carried her school bag, but she paid no attention to her admirer busy thinking about her studies and preparing for college and when he tried to kiss her at graduation, she dodged his embrace and laughed since then, each of Them went their own way and today’s meeting just seemed amazing jasmine understood that the lives of the graduates of the orphanage were rarely successful.

Many of them unable to make social advancement and adapt to the harsh conditions of life without the support of their relatives, managed to lose the only housing they had been provided by the state started. Drinking heavily and one day found themselves on the street most likely her schoolmate suffered the same fate, but she remembered him as a very kind and good guy jasmine fed her guest and made him hot tea david. Don’T you remember me at all. She asked the man shook his head.

I woke up in a roadside, ditch almost naked some homeless people with a kind soul found me in it, brought me to their shack warmed me up shared their clothes, but i don’t remember who and where i’m from at all jasmine was about to tell david about How they had studied together, but suddenly she heard her husband’s mocking drunken voice above her, oh good, for you wifey. While i’m earning money, you and your lover are having fun. In addition, a decent lover is not found, though, who would you look at? Only bums, probably david, had never seen robert, like that. She was frightened to see her drunken husband, swaying to and fro waving his arms shouting curses and insults at his wife and did not know what to say.

In the meantime, robert took out his suitcase threw things in it and whispering a wish for their happiness through his teeth left slamming the front door jasmine burst into tears and lashed out at david with accusations. She considered that he was the reason her husband had abandoned her, and she pointed the man to the door, david, silently left the apartment and hunched over on the bench again, when jasmine calmed down a little, she became insanely ashamed of her behavior because she had invited Him in herself and then rushed at the man like a fury and threw him out. She went outside again where, meanwhile, it was already terribly cold. Forgive me, please: let’s go inside it’s very cold. The man did not answer.

He was shivering and jasmine realized that he had a high fever. She helped him, get up and walk to her apartment and put him to bed at home when jasmine checked his temperature, she was horrified and became fearful for his life. David was rattling around in a feverish delirium, jasmine sat by his bedside all night, changing compresses and trying to give him medicine in despair. She grasped the man’s hand and began to pray four days passed and during that time she did not leave his side even one step at a time. At last, david opened his eyes and looked at the woman, leaning over him and whispered jasmine.

My darling, it’s you did you really remember me. Cried the woman joyfully i’ve never forgotten, you replied david. The sick man was on the mend and, most importantly, his memory had returned to him. Probably a severe illness was the impetus for this david soon told jasmine. His story, it turned out that after the girl rejected him at the prom, he gave himself the word that he would achieve.

Everything in life find her and marry her. As a result, he did become a successful businessman, but he never got married. Then one day during a business trip to a nearby city, he decided to drive a hitchhiker as he thought a couple of young people in love, but they turned out to be. Bandits who hit the man on the head took all of his belongings documents and car and threw him in a ditch there. The homeless found him half undressed and remembering nothing of his past found him, but he did not want to live with the tramps.

Something must have remained in his subconscious that he could not live such a life david wandered around the city, trying to remember something and jasmine found him in such a position. Maybe its destiny asked hugh looking intently to his savior’s eyes, maybe replied jasmine thoughtfully one’s a little stronger david left to get his business under control and jasmine was left to wait for his return. She didn’t realize right away that she no longer missed robert and she wasn’t at all curious about with whom or where her husband was. Perhaps there had never been any love between them if everything was so easily and quickly resolved robert caught her in such a state of mind. So where is your hobo?

Did he leave you jasmine? I said a little too much the other day. It happens but you’re good too. You know well all right. I forgive you.

Let’S start over again jasmine looked at her husband with a new look as if she had taken off her rose-colored glasses. Do you forgive me? What happened? Did your young mistress find some other man or no one, to take care of you and do your laundry clean and cook for you or maybe your mom? Wouldn’T let you get a divorce, no honey, it’s not going to work out.

We don’t exist anymore and we never did go away. Robert rushed towards jasmine and a rage pushed her with a swing and swung at her again. Jasmine screamed in terror, but robert did not have time to land a second blow. His arm was intercepted by david, who had quietly entered the apartment at the height of the coral david, threw robert away and he hit the wall and crawled out of the apartment. In shame, david hugged jasmine wondering if she was all right, but she reassured him that everything was now definitely all right.

David took jasmine to his town, where they played a modest wedding, inviting only people close to them. There was no need to display ostentatious luxury, because the most important thing was love and fidelity between people and two years later, the couple refuting all medical diagnosis, had a healthy and strong baby boy, making them the happiest parents in the world. What can we learn from this story? The fact that you are doing it already consolidates the fact that you have a desire to, but because you are questioning it implies, you are not entirely sure it is something you want to do. It is not something that others should decide for you, rather something you must choose for yourself.

The most important thing is you need to think of the pros and cons of helping or not helping others. If you feel you can’t do that, you should ask other people’s opinion, which seems to be what you’re trying to achieve here through your question. In my opinion, we shouldn’t help people in need, assuming it was possible bending over backwards for every person, you meet only fuels dependency and robs them of the ambition of trying harder. I’M of the belief that challenge is one of the most important things that gives meaning to our lives. A healthy degree of tough love can be one of the best things a person receives in their life.

On the other hand, there are people who believe they are treated unfairly and will plummet to the bottom of confidence and self-esteem from said treatment. It’S very dependent on the individual. Finding a balance between offering aid and leaving them to flourish on their own is difficult, and i won’t try to create answer c when there is only a variant, a or b but, as mentioned above, i lean towards the more selfish answer. That’S about redeeming one’s self-concept. It’S not about actual service or generosity or love, it’s a distorted understanding of values.

The prerequisite to any authentic conversation about altruism, has to be understanding freedom, as a being you have free. Will you have a range of choices? You have the ability to understand yourself and your life in different forms that freedom gives you to consider the nature of values. Trust is the cornerstone of a strong relationship. Vicky was upset to find a pretty girl in her house, but she knew her husband was a faithful man help those in need, because you might one day be in need yourself.

Kevin stopped to help a stranger while so many other people just drove on by

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