Woman sleeps with her bear wakes up shocked!

Woman sleeps, with her bear and wakes up, shocked, Instagram famous domesticated Russian bear stepped lives on a sprawling Moscow property with his owners, Svetlana and Yuri pantalenko. In recent years, the 26 year old, 350 kilogram bear has become a social media icon with Legions of followers flocking.

The models using him to boost their own fan base and now rarely seen without a bevy of beauties, but the trend has been criticized with animal rights Advocates warning so much human contact could be inappropriate, Svetlana and Yuri insist. They saved the bear and he has a much better quality of life than at a zoo or circus. Svetlana a professional animal trainer said we actually saved this bear.

He had no chance to be reintroduced to the Wild and he was facing the zoo or the circus or Worse falling into the hands of cruel people who don’t know what to do with him. Yuri added people have plenty to say about cruelty when they see photographs, but we ask these people what they’re doing to help the animals adopting homeless cats or dogs. It’s always easy to give recommendations than to do anything about themselves. At the same time, they meet. Wear leather clothes and do hundreds of other things that harm the natural world.

No one thinks about how nature is affected from the use of petrol, Excavating of ore products and deforestation. So, instead of saying we’re cruel, how about doing something yourself to help like switching your TV off and saving electricity, you’ll, save oil, gas wood and probably some bears photographer Olga barneseva who snapped the shoots over the past year, said she was honored to put Steppin on The world stage she admitted models are sometimes scared on the shoots but said Stefan is a friendly giant and no one’s ever been harmed.

She said the shoots are inspired by Russian fairy tales and she hopes to illustrate through them that humans and animals can live in Perfect Harmony. Olga said, thanks to the media, the bear became a star, and now many people around the world want to fly to Moscow for photographs with the bear. I’Ve already shot.

People from Japan, China, Thailand, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and India. Now we’re in the talks with some people from the UK and U.S he’s really friendly and loves hugging. For instance, people often compare him with a very big dog. His owners did all they could to grow him friendly.

I’M inspired by Russian fairy tales as they’re, usually full of love and kindness, a world where people and nature live in harmony. There’S too much evil in the modern world, and what I want to show is love love between people and animals can allow us to live in harmony, but Georgie, dolphin, Humane Society Internationals program manager for animal welfare in Australia suggested it was time animals stop being made To entertain humans, he said wild animals have no place in entertainment in 2018. It’S high time. We stopped exploiting animals for pleasure, from performances to props for selfies wild animals belong in the wild. Dr Jade Norris from the rspca said many wild and exotic animals.

Social at physical and behavioral needs cannot be met in unnatural environments in captivity. Wild animals like Bears, should be living in the wild and living life as nature, woman has a magic with this bear. A Russian woman is proving that dogs aren’t man’s only best friend. She cares for a pet Asiatic black bear, walking him dancing with him and taking him for drives Veronica ditchka posts, photos on Tick, Tock and Instagram unconcerned about the possibility. The wild animal named taptichka could harm or kill her taptichka Russian for a little Cub is also the name of a 1964 animated film that remains popular in Russia.

The Asiatic black bear has a reputation of being extremely aggressive towards humans. According to the non-profit, bear conservation organization, dijka, said friends who run a safari park gave her the bear and she’s now its full-time caretaker. They brought him to me because they weren’t able to look after him and they didn’t need him. So I became his guardian and there are a few others who work with me. Who are professionals who make sure that he’s properly cared for? She said Veronica dijka dances with her Himalayan black bear tapichka. She is his full-time caretaker Dijka said she doesn’t spend all day making social media videos but keeps tapichka in touch with nature through walks and tree climbing exercises, but she does shoot photos and videos of him dancing, fishing from a boat and even riding shotgun in her Car she said she makes the video, so other people can share in the fun and see the human animal bond in action.

It’s important for people to realize that any animal is capable of friendship and trust with human beings. She said like this bear if you take care of it and treat it properly and with respect Asiatic. Black bears are protected under both International and National laws, but often these laws are not enforced according to the International Union for conservation of nature, which lists the species. As vulnerable on its red list, though, the bear dwarfs dijka, she said she’s unafraid, I feel safe because there’s a connection between us. She said he’s attached to me and that allows me to train him. I take care of him every day, including feeding, drinking walking and even bathing him. She said it was a logical next step to introduce him to her other passions, fishing and ballroom dancing. Several of her videos have drawn millions of viewers.

One shows her shopping for sausages, which are delivered to the Bear in a rucksack tapichka. Bear disappears with the food Asiatic. Black bears are found in the mountains and forests of southern Asia, including Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal and Burma. Adult males weigh from 220 to 240 pounds and are 4 feet to 6.25 feet tall every once in a while.

The incomprehensible algorithm behind Instagram’s explore tab makes my day during a recent idle scroll. I was whisked away to the Russian Tundra, where permafrost and now shut gulags set the scene for Whimsical photo shoots featuring Russian women posing with bears. Let me elaborate. The Russian women are the very sexy variety embodying a woodland, nymph type, look as they pose sensually with what appears to be a domesticated bear. The bear is gigantic. The women, tiny, the images are equal parts, Mythic, romantic and weird. It’S best to take a look for yourself because it’s more easily demonstrated than described the account that led me to these images belongs to Svetlana and Yuri pantalenko, a Russian couple living in Moscow with their 24 year old domesticated bear steppen.

They seem like a normal family. They like to go for walks, eat meals together, play sports and host an array of photo shoots, alluding to some kind of bear woman relationship they adopted, Stefan when he was three months old after finding him in less than Pleasant conditions. They’Ve raised him as a member of the family for the past 24 years in their home, where Steppin continues to live according to the couple stepan is a sociable bear who loves to play a health icon in his own right?

Stefan eats 25 kilos of fish, vegetables and eggs every day and stays in shape by playing football. He also keeps busy with acting projects. Having appeared in over a dozen titles, he recently just wrapped up shooting on a Christmas film, titled fur trees 4, where he plays a central character for ten thousand rubles he’ll show up at your next corporate event, where you can approach him and not only Pat, but Also sit on his massive back and hold his powerful paw according to photographer Olga barneseva, the photo shoots are meant to show the softer side of the big Predator as a part of an anti-hunting campaign. Showcasing the natural Harmony between humans and bears. Steppen apparently enjoys these photo shoots where he’s coaxed into different poses by his trainer, with the help of mozzarella and sweet cookies.

His favorite treats the list of models who have posed with. Stefan is extensive. There are brides and pregnant women who don’t seem to mind spooning with a 700 pound, Beast others snuggle nose to nose or with a hulking paw around their midsection. The images clearly reflect some sort of performed femininity intertwined with a mythological fantasy that feels very Russian, but it doesn’t quite explain why someone would volunteer to wear lingerie in the freezing winter to take photos with a bear, bears have a complex cultural history in Russia. They’re a bit of a national symbol, the Russian word for Bear translates to he who makes honey and the bear was a mascot of the Russian 1980s Summer Olympics.

During the Petrine period, bear-related activity came under attack as SAR Alexi banned, jesters and ordered the bear companions killed. The ban was not a success. Other attempts include the 18th century when authorities banned the baiting and training of bears, but these two were failures. Even Russia’s iron-fisted fashionista Empress Elizabeth prohibited the training of bears in 1752. A year later, she ordered two bear cubs to be trained for her personal entertainment.

There’S, an understandable fear of bears they’re irritable when Berry supplies are short. Climate change makes them cranky, and there are theories that they prefer women because of menstruation. But that’s since been disproven trying to make the connection between bears and women is a tricky one in Russia bears are said to be as Moody as beautiful women and according to Russian poet nekrisov. A Russian woman can stop a galloping horse and enter a burning house. So in some vaguely sexist way, the pairing seems fitting.

At the age of five years, the mayor began performing on tour and achieved considerable success in Circus arenas. By this time, his new parents finished a circus course and obtained a certificate confirming their status as professional trainers, which gave them the right to keep the Bear in their house. The family traveled around the world, the pantalenco family toured through Latin America and visited Japan as part of a concert program. However, the bear was having a tough time with all those flights from one end of the planet, to the other, and eventually the family decided to abandon the circus life. Today, stepan works as an actor and model.

He started movies by such famous Russian directors. As Pavel Lundgren and Alexi uchatel and regularly appears on TV and in commercials from a cub, but they always be wild animals and thus unpredictable same thing for lions, tigers, Etc. That’S why these friendships very often do not end well, some people have a talent or a special affinity for dealing with animals. Even Cesar Milan, The Dog Whisperer, has been bitten several times now. If a 70 pound dog bites, you that’s one thing, but if a 600 pound grizzly bear does that or Swatch you with a paw that can decapitate a moose yeah, that’s a whole new level of hurt or worse bears.

Are wild animals they’re, not domestic animals? It’S really not possible to be friends with a bear, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to have a relationship of respect and caring and empathy even in zoos bears are not domesticated. It doesn’t matter how many years they’ve lived in the zoo, they’re still wild animals. You could befriend all sorts of animals, but remember animals are animals and they cannot consciously perceive things like a human being can and can become dangerous in an instant without any warning. They belong in the wild.

Any animal is capable of attacking at any time. They don’t always understand what they’re doing they’re just being animals from your pet cat or dog to birds and bears. They can and often will suddenly lash out without warning, and they don’t know what they’re doing. Sometimes they don’t know they’re hurting us. Sometimes they don’t intend on hurting us, but they cannot understand what they’re doing and they can’t talk to us and tell us what’s wrong.

I believe that all animals belong in the wild aside from the ones that we’ve domesticated through many generations to live alongside us. Domesticated animals have some wild traits, but most of them are capable of living alongside us, we don’t have domesticated, Bears, keeping wild or mostly wild animals as pets is a very bad idea. Let’S have a look at the woman on the left hand, side of the image below or what was leftover. This is how Charlotte Nash looked after. She was brutally attacked by Travis, the pet chimp and one of Nash’s, good friends, Nash lost both eyes, eyelids and most of her face, including her nose and both of her hands.

Travis, who weighed about 200 pounds at the time, simply ripped her body parts off with ease as if she was playing with a doll. So when I see these images, which appear to be a trend on social media nowadays – and we assume that these pictures are not fake, then I can only conclude that these women are Bonkers, Stark raving bonkers.

Humanizing, a bear will not make it your friend and having a bear as a friend will only put your life in Mortal danger for every single second year together, you won’t have much room in your life for anything else for at least a couple of decades. In the wild, an adult bear will book on anything smaller than it as potential food omnivorous like us Bears will eat whatever seems good at the time. Berries, fruits, grasses Roots, insects, small mammals, fish – if they get hungry enough, even the friendliest seeming bear, may decide.

The friendship is over and instead see you as food. Black bears have a smaller length than average human height, but they weigh quite a bit more, usually over 200 pounds. Frequently they can get much larger. So potentially you could encounter a black bear and come out of it alive, maybe even with both of you amused. If it has a full belly, black bears are not aggressive only in the sense that in general they don’t want to eat you.

Wild bears mostly avoid humans, but bear attitude is I am bare, and I get what I want. I give way only to larger bear. Uh, hungry or surprise black bear might take you on if they think you’re getting between them and some food they want a non-hungry bear, might charge you or knock you over accidentally on purpose because hey what are you doing not getting out of my way puny human? You can’t tell whether a bear is hungry or not just by looking at them, but it’s safe to assume that they’re hungry most the time. There’S actually a case about this.

In the news this week a man got attacked by a black bear, so he says what actually happened was he was camping in a non-approved area left food all over his campsite and a bear came and took some food. Then the guy had the idiot idea to chase the bear the bear feeling his food was being threatened, ran over the man and knocked him down. I’M not quite sure the bear didn’t feel personally threatened by a mere man on foot. This attitude is what makes people call Bears aggressive when really it’s just bears being King of the Woods anyway. I don’t call that an attack.

I hope he gets charged with Wildlife harassment that bear might have to be destroyed. Now that it’s a problem bear it learned. It can scare humans into giving it food fed bear is a dead bear. S are entirely too large to live with people. The way that dogs and cats do the wrong move in the bathroom that squashes a Chihuahua would instead be a squashed person with a thousand pound brown bear.

The dog’s loss of temper would usually be a painful bite, the cat’s, a stinging scratch, but the Bears could be a crushed rib cage or severed major arteries. A bear with insomnia might remodel the house not in accordance with the desires of the humans. Nevertheless, many people have lived with bears, but the Earth had slept in their own quarters. So my suggestion is that you befriend a dog or a cat. They may get a little rambunctious, but would very rarely leave you in Mortal Danger. Please keep safe whatever you are.

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