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Woman was abandoned pregnant in a wild jungle! 9 months later she gave birth to something shocking

Woman was abandoned, pregnant in a wild jungle. Nine months later she gave birth to something shocking. Women want to be mothers, but with the love of their lives, somebody who is always with them and supports them through all stages of motherhood and builds together. A family sad is single mothers, because the father disappears and don’t want to be responsible, as she never experienced. True love and care in this world.

That’S what happens, and most women are in fear of this, so they choose not to have babies. Motherhood is a 24 hour per day, job 365 days a year that never ends some women are drawn toward babies and nurturing others are not many women who don’t have a natural proclivity towards child rearing are socialized into seeing motherhood as their highest most important work. Some women for a variety of reasons, don’t have any desire or need for children. There was a circulated photo said that this woman was abandoned in jungle and gave birth there and wait for nine months could be possible. Now we can know what really happened there and how this happened.

Are you having a bad day, no matter how rough your week may be amber Pangborn the woman who gave birth in the wilderness punched some bees and got stung to protect her newborn daughter and accidentally started a forest fire in northern california? Probably had it worse, it’s hard to imagine a worse situation, a california woman who gave birth last month, while she was stranded in a forest for three days after running out of gas in a wooded area with no phone service says her newborn daughter has been put Into the care of children’s services amber pangborn, 35 of paradise said there could be several reasons that butte county children’s services took custody of Marissa, Leanne Williams, Pangborn said both she and the baby tested positive for

methamphetamine after the three-day ordeal in plumas national forest, because she Had taken a small amount while stranded to keep her energy high children’s services first became involved on june 27, when the mother and daughter were rescued from french creek road about 30 miles northeast of Oroville Pangborn told mercury. News pangborn was able to start a signal fire hoping to attract attention. The wildfire was contained to a quarter acre area. They were both taken to oroville hospital and marissa was then transferred to the university of california davis medical center for further evaluation.

They told me the night: i went into the hospital that they were going to call them children’s services because of the nature of me, giving birth to her. In the woods, pangborn told the mercury news. Pangborn also said she had given up the parental rights of her three-year-old daughters while coping with the suicide of her husband. She drank heavily after his death and went to rehab pangborn said she was taken off her antidepressant medication during her pregnancy. She also admitted to taking a pebble-sized amount of methamphetamine after giving birth.

She had been given the drug by a man in exchange for a ride from feather falls, casino to gold country casino, five miles away on june 24th, i had lost so much blood. I was pretty weak, pang born said, adding that she hoped the drug would give her energy to keep going. Pangborn had gotten lost after feeling, labor pains, while attempting to return to feather falls casino. That evening she originally told reporters that she was heading to her parents, home after going into labor the following day. She gave birth to her baby daughter.

She thought her car was the only safe place. It was very scary, pangborn told mercury news. I was really concerned about us surviving. I thought we were going to die out there, while in the wilderness she faced bees and mosquitoes and survived on only four apples and a small amount of water following their rescue. Traces of methamphetamine were transferred to marissa via breast milk.

Marissa is currently in a foster home and pang born is allowed to visit four times a week for an hour each time the baby has gained a pound and a half since the rescue going from five pounds to six and a half pounds in the last four weeks pang born doesn’t consider herself to be a risk to her daughter and said the whole experience has been devastating and depressing shelby boston, an assistant director at the butte county department of employment and social services, said the agency works with local and out of area hospitals When staff report possible child abuse or neglect, she said, an immediate report can be done if drug use is suspected or if a newborn test positive for drugs. If it’s decided, a child cannot be returned to his or her parent officials.

Look for relatives or extended family to care for the child. Pangborn said that she and marissa’s father who she tried to maintain a relationship with, but was unsuccessful, are willing to give custody to Pangborn’s father marissa’s father is currently in butte county jail waiting for a sentencing. Hearing for felony identity theft – i just know i want to have my daughter home and have some normalcy and stability and be a regular functioning member of society.

Again pangborn told mercury news. Her family has a jurisdictional hearing next week. Pangborne said with her last experience with children’s services was intrusive and that, while she originally agreed to have her three oldest daughters, adopted by a family friend, she later tried to appeal without success. If, however, you had heard pangborn’s story in a movie, you would scoff at the filmmakers for stretching our suspension of disbelief just a little too far. In fact, the improbably terrible luck, combined with the happy ending, are reminiscent of nothing so much as a children’s book.

Allah. Alexander and the terrible horribly, no good, very bad day, that’s why i’ve adapted her tale into a short children’s book of my own. I present for the internet’s consideration: mommy just can’t catch a break marissa and her mommy are on a road trip to visit their grandparents. They have to drive through the forest first, oh no, the car ran out of gas before they got there now. Mommy keeps saying words, marissa doesn’t know her mother said that after the trail, the new mom or her family couldn’t immediately be reached for comment.

Pangborn’S, mother, diana williams, told kcra station her daughter and granddaughter are doing fine, i’m elated and the baby’s beautiful said williams, adding of her daughter’s actions. I’M glad that she’s a smart kid she’ll always be smart praise, god for being with this woman and her baby through those incredibly difficult days. Their survival is nothing short of a miracle, while this baby was born on a hospital hallway. That was really incredible. If you want to start your weekend countdown off with a remarkable and life-affirming story, i’ve got you covered if you’re cool, with graphic photos of child labor, you’ll likely be just as blown away as i was by the images of a mother in kansas, jess hogan, delivering Her baby in a hospital hallway just moments after hogan arrived at the er at via christie hospital.

Her baby was crowning and ready to arrive, but as you’ll see it was she and her husband travis, who were truly responsible for the successful delivery of the child. The birth photographer tammy karen documented the incredible process, as you might imagine, it appears. The whole thing happened very quickly. All happened quickly. Women’S health reports that on july 23, 2017 hogan was at home experiencing normal contractions that shifted suddenly to more intense pains, pains that she knew indicated.

The baby was on its way her water broke, just as she was getting out of her bed. Hogan and her husband rushed to the hospital at 3 a.m and in route she contacted karen, who arrived in time to capture the entire thing on film and video hogan. Had to begin disrobing as they walked down the hall as she could feel the baby’s head, she reported delivered her baby within minutes of being inside the hospital, while karen did try to alert the nurses who eventually came to help her husband, travis, facilitated and caught the Baby during the last push hogan said in her birth video that travis did so with no hesitation. Maxwell alexander was welcomed into the world by his parents right there on the tile floor of via christie hospital photos before, during and after the birth show, all aspects of the delivery hogan was deeply thankful to her birth photographer for both her artistic presence and her help.

In assisting the birth, as well as the nurses at the hospital, and although young max is the couple’s first boy, hogan and travis are already parents to five daughters. According to women’s health, the girls were thrilled to meet their new brother, most especially their two-year-old. Who would simply not let go of max hogan said in her birth video? Like me, you might be wondering just how common experiencing a sudden sort of diy birth, like this really is, according to the online resource baby center, while it’s pretty rare to experience an emergency birth, meaning a birth that happens with no prolonged labor symptoms, or only intermittent

Contractions they do happen according to a 2010 report from the centers for disease control and prevention, which cited results of a 2006 survey about 17 percent of home births were unplanned, generally labor takes a few hours or longer. This appears to be especially unlikely for first births, but if you’ve experienced fast births with previous children, it’s important to maintain awareness of signs of labor and act on them quickly, as they can happen just as jess hogan and her husband did according to what to expect Dot com signs that indicate the birth is happening include strong contractions that are about three or four minutes apart water breaking and a strong urge to push parents.

om reports that one way to ensure safety in the event of a sudden birth, especially if you’re not able to Make it to a hospital or clinic in a mad dash is to immediately call 9-1-1 make sure the mother is comfortable and in a clean space, and that you have plenty of towels and blankets. Additionally, what to expect dot com says it’s important to leave the cord and placenta attached and elevated above the level of the baby until the emts arrive, especially if the baby has not yet started to breathe on its own, oh yeah, and try to stay calm as Possible throughout all of this majority greenfield md author of the working woman’s pregnancy book, also told

that when things go quickly, everything is usually fine, even though it seems scary and in jess hogan’s case. It definitely was congrats to the happy couple and welcome to the world baby maxwell to protect her child, no matter what to not allow anyone or anything to hurt her child mentally or physically. So many single women hook up with men and later find that he has hurt that child a child needs total protection and if you’re a mother, you must look after that little one, the very best way possible.

Once you have a child. It’S not, then about you. Your duty is to love the child with all you have to feed well and to make sure that the child has the right clothes and shoes is warm in winter and cool in summer has the correct medical health care and dental care has friends of the same Age and that you watch your child from anyone or thing that could do harm to the child, make sure the child has the right amount of education and that, once in school, they are with nice people not bullies, thanks for reading.

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