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1. Biden announces that the US will join the Paris Climate Agreement, and will also take measures to protect gray wolves

Because President Joe Biden Since taking office yesterday, his administration announced a series of steps to combat the climate crisis and protect wildlife from extinction. These include re-entry Paris Climate Agreement, revocation of permission for Keystone XL tubing, and the imposition of a moratorium on oil leasing activities in Arctic National Reserve.

President Biden is also starting a broad review of the Trump administration’s policies, including why the administration has stripped bird protection under Migratory Birds Treaty Act, their move to undo Endangered species Act defence from Gray wolves, and the administration’s failure to protect monarch butterflies.


2. WAN talks with the League of Endangered Habitats after a judge blocked Los Angeles development that could threaten endangered mountain lions

In victory over a devastating project that threatens the local mountain lions in the north Los Angeles County, On Monday, a judge ruled to block the 1,300-acre Northlake development.

The complex was slated to be built on wildlands prone to wildfires, endangering rare wildlife and burying 3.5 miles of Grasshopper Creek, a pristine stream that flows into Southern California’s last free river, Santa Clara.

In response to a lawsuit by environmental organizations, including Center for Biological Diversity, together with League of Endangered Habitats, Judge Richard L. Fruin, Jr. found that the project’s environmental review did not take into account less harmful plans.


3. A North Carolina court ruled to free the captive red wolves to save the last seven remaining in the wild from extinction

United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina a decision was made in the case initiated South Center for Environmental Law what US Fisheries and Wildlife Service should develop a plan March 1, 2021 resume its long and successful practice of releasing captive red wolves into the North Carolina red wolf recovery zone. The case was initiated on behalf of Coalition of red wolves, wildlife advocates, and Institute for the Protection of Animals.

As WAN reported last month, there are only seven red wolves left in the wild today. A court order temporarily bans the agency from implementing a recent policy change that could have prevented the release of captive wolves into the wild.


4. 30 slow lorises, reportedly kept as “pets”, are rescued and released back into the rainforest in Indonesia.

The conservation team re-introduced 30 Javanese slow lorises back to your home in the rainforest in Indonesia. Mount Halimun Salak National Park (TNGHS) performed the release operation together with Center for the Conservation of Natural Resources (BCSDA) and International Organization for Animal Rescue (IAR) Indonesia.

According to Ammi Nurwati, head of BKSDA, most of the loris were donated by community members to various BKSDA sections in West Java and donated IAR Indonesian Primate Center in Bogor to undergo treatment and care. Before returning to the wild, lorises underwent a recovery and treatment process to stimulate their natural behavior. Starting with medical examinations and quarantine stays, they also underwent behavioral observations until they were declared healthy and ready to relocate for habituation, and then finally released.


5. Three rhinos are brutally killed for their horns in South Africa; Mass hunt to find responsible criminals

IN SAPS Endangered Species Group in Limpopo, northern province South Africa, began a massive hunt for suspects, who reportedly three rhinos in separate incidents.

Limpopo Provincial Police are reaching out to anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of suspects.

Credit: Wildlife warriors of Africa & The last horns of Africa

6. The City of Compassion in New Zealand closes a busy road to protect an endangered sea lion and its cub.

City on the South Island New Zealand, closes a busy road for a month so that the endangered sea lion can nest safely with its puppy. I recently shared heartfelt news Dunedin City Council.

“We have closed John Wilson Ocean Drive to vehicles for next month so that some special residents can safely use the road. The New Zealand Sea Lion and his puppy have taken up residence on a nearby golf course and regularly cross the road to get to the beach, ”Dunedin City Council said in a statement. Facebook page.

According to New Zealand Department of Conservation, there are only approximate 12,000 New Zealand sea lions remain. Unfortunately, their main breeding population continues to decline due to multiple threats, including interactions between fishermen, infant mortality, disease and food availability. Human impacts also threaten sea lions. Before COVID-19 pandemic, Tourists often invade the sea lion habitat on the beach for selfies and photos.


7. Help “free yourself from harm” to stop abuse of chickens at 6 weeks of age at Aden Chicken Farm in Chicago

Last week, No harm documented the suffering and neglect of six week old chicks in Aden Poultry Farm, located at 2725 W. Lawrence Ave. in Chicago. Free from Harm founder Robert Grillo was conducting a covert investigation when he witnessed the horrific treatment of innocent chickens brought to slaughter.

A heartbreaking investigation at the Chicago slaughterhouse also revealed that the birds showed clear signs of distress: some were forced to squat in their own waste with their legs apart, while others were constantly flapping their wings in a desperate attempt to move.

No harm calls on people to help stop the illegal operation of this carnage, which violates the rules of several city health departments, by calling Chicago Department of Public Health Commissioner Allison Arwadi on the phone (312) 747-9870. Please leave a message about the dire situation on Aden poultry farm, which should be disabled forever. Send an email to [email protected].


8. Taco Bell is moving beyond a new partnership with Beyond Meat to offer plant-based options to fast food chains in the US.

Taco Bell CEO Mark King recently shared some exciting news for the new year in video in King’s voice announces a new partnership with Besides meat.

King explains that last year Taco Bell had to simplify its menu due to COVID-19 pandemic removing their signature potatoes, but they will be available again starting at March 11th King also teased that Taco Bell will do its best in the new year.


9. Veggie Grill launches Más Veggies Taqueria in the United States; A plant-based Mexican restaurant serving more than just meat

More Taqueria vegetables, new virtual concept Vegetarian grill, Opened this week, it is the first national Mexican restaurant to offer all herbal and organic products with delivery only. Virtual Takeria offers an innovative menu in collaboration with a plant leader. Besides meat and offers a wide variety of tacos, burritos, bowls and nachos that are completely cooked without animal products.

Partnerships with popular shipping platforms including Doordash, Postmates, Uber Eats and Grubhub, Más Veggies Taqueria will provide delivery from all Veggie Grill kitchens for lunch and dinner seven days a week. Virtual restaurants opened in Hollywood, Pasadenaand Long Beach, California, and Boston, Massachusetts, New York, And in Downtown Seattle, Washington Other places all over Southern California, Portland, and Seattle will follow at the end of January.


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