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Years after Wife and Son’s Funeral, Man Is Stunned to See Them Alive on Vacation

Two years after his wife and son’s funeral, a man went on vacation and saw them there. When he rushed to meet his wife, she told him a shocking truth that changed his life. For Amy, there was nothing more important than her son Max and her beloved boyfriend Chester. She began dating him three years ago, and they had been living together for two years. Despite having a child and living in the same house, Chester didn’t want to tie the knot with Amy.

Moreover, he often came home late and told Amy he had been working very hard to provide her and Max with the best of everything. Since Chester was staying late at work to improve the family’s financial situation, Amy believed what he said and never suspected he was lying. Little did she know that she would learn a shocking truth a few years later. But for now, things were going well. For all Amy knew, she felt blessed to have a beautiful son and a sweet partner.

One summer, when she finally stood before Chester and said “I do” in a quiet ceremony, she felt like the luckiest woman on the planet. Everything was going well in the newlyweds’ life until Amy had to leave to visit her ill mother, taking little Max with her. Traveling with a three-year-old boy wasn’t easy, so Amy had kept snacks and toys to keep him busy. Meanwhile, Chester was at work, hoping Amy would call him after reaching her mother’s place. Later that evening, Chester’s phone rang, and he felt relieved to see Amy’s mother’s name on the screen.

He breathed a sigh of relief and answered the call. “Chester, you need to come here right now,” Amy’s mother cried on the other end. Chester’s heart skipped a beat after hearing those words. He couldn’t understand why Amy’s mother sounded so distraught. “What happened?

he asked. “Is everything okay?” “Amy and Max, they died,” Amy’s mother stammered. “Their car crashed before they could reach my house.” What Chester gasped.

“Amy and Max, no, no, no.” He ended the call and rushed to the airport to buy a ticket. Unfortunately, all flights heading to Amy’s mother’s city were fully booked. He bought a ticket for the next day, hoping he could see his wife and son one last time. However, when Chester reached Amy’s mother’s house the next day, he couldn’t attend the funeral.

Amy’s mother told him they had already cremated Amy and Max’s bodies. Chester’s world had turned upside down after losing his life partner and son. There was someone who showered him with unlimited love and affection. Cynthia, his mistress, gave him a shoulder to cry on and took care of him during the worst days of his life. Cynthia had been Chester’s mistress for months, but he hid his relationship from Amy.

He always told her he would return home from work because he wanted to spend time with Cynthia. Now that his wife was no more, Chester allowed Cynthia to live in his house. However, he realized his mistress was nothing like Amy. Cynthia was an outgoing person who loved parties and ran away from responsibilities. In contrast, Amy loved caring for the family and sacrificed her happiness for her loved ones.

After spending a few months with Cynthia, Chester realized Amy was the partner he wanted. Soon, Chester asked Cynthia if she wanted to have children. “Honey, I have no plans of having children right now. Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and I am not ready to be a mother,” she told him. Chester had no option except to accept his girlfriend’s choices, so he never brought this topic up again.

He lived a happy life with her until an unexpected event triggered painful memories of the past. About two years after Amy and Max’s funeral, Cynthia told Chester she had a surprise waiting for him. She showed him flight tickets to another city when he arrived home from work. “We’re going to have fun there, Chester,” Cynthia exclaimed. “My friend told me about many good places to visit there.

When Chester took the tickets in his hand and read the destination, he told his girlfriend he wasn’t ready to go there. “You know my wife and son were cremated in that city,” he told Cynthia. “I don’t have the guts to go there.” “Oh, come on, sweetheart,” Cynthia shot back. “I won’t let you think about your past there.

We’ll party and have a lot of fun. Looking forward to having a good time off from work.” Chester agreed to board the flight with Cynthia. However, two days after reaching the other city, Cynthia fell ill. “I think we need to see a doctor, honey,” she told Chester.

Without wasting time, Chester took her to the nearest hospital. The doctors told them to wait outside while they examined her. “I think I’ll take a walk in the park,” he thought and exited the hospital. While entering the park near the hospital, he noticed a familiar woman playing with a kid. “Is that Amy?

he said and rushed towards the woman. “Oh my, Chester exclaimed. Amy, is that you?” Amy turned around and was shocked to see Chester standing behind her. Chester’s eyes widened in shock.

He couldn’t believe his wife and son were still alive. “Get back,” Amy shouted. “What do you mean? What happened?” Chester asked.

“I have nothing to do with you,” Amy rolled her eyes. “You’re a cheater.” Then Amy told him what had happened two years ago. She said a woman came to their house while Chester was at work and said she was his mistress. She told me she was pregnant with your child,” Amy shouted.

“I tried to confront you, but you never had time to talk to me. That’s when I decided to leave you.” Then Amy explained that her mother played along and lied about their death. “I couldn’t let my son live with a cheater like you,” she said. Chester was shocked.

He had never imagined that his extramarital affair would turn into something so big. “I’m sorry,” but he tried to apologize but stopped when he saw Max run towards a man saying “Daddy, Daddy.” Chester looked at the other man in shock. Amy had married another man and was living happily with him. Then Chester’s phone rang.

“Hi, Cynthia,” Chester said. “Honey, where are you?” she asked. “The doctor said I’m pregnant.” “You’re pregnant?

“Yes, but I don’t want this child,” she cried. “I don’t want to be a mother.” Two years ago, Cynthia lied about her pregnancy to destroy Chester’s family, and now she was pregnant when she didn’t want a child. While Chester was shocked at what Cynthia did, he also thought fate had punished him for betraying Amy. He left her at the hospital and went back to his hometown to live alone.

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