Woman Expected To Have 4 Babies, Doctor Sees Ultrasound & Calls The Cops

Woman expected to have four babies. Doctors sees ultrasound and calls the cops this time. The nurse was totally freezing when she see what showed an ultrasound. How can we deal with this baby’s number? We should call the cops.

The nurse practitioner said it’s been two years already, since you and your husband decided to try to conceive, i recommend going to a fertility clinic, but i wasn’t ready and neither was mark. We wanted to keep trying, let’s back up to the very beginning of how this all started. How mark and i met. There was a chill in the air, it was fall and i was at work. I was a store manager for the gap and gap, kids and we were looking for some help for the fall.

My visual coordinator, jessica who’s, a good friend of mine, now came into my office and said she had the perfect candidate and had just filled out an application. She set up an interview with me a couple of days later he came in. It was the first time i saw him little did. I know this man standing in front of me would soon be my husband. While i interviewed him, i noticed he had these bright crystal blue eyes.

That seemed to look into my soul. He was young and handsome. He just graduated bible college and he was looking for a part-time job. I remember not being able to look straight into his eyes. I never had trouble with this.

When i interviewed someone, i always looked him straight in the eyes. He was perfect for the position and we hired him. He was seven years younger than me and i was a single mom to a five-year-old at the time. As time went on, we became friends, he was promoted out of our store and our friendship continued to grow. I had just gotten out of a relationship and i needed to heal.

We remained friends for over a year until november of 2003, when he asked me to be his girlfriend in february of 2004 on the beach. He asked me to marry him. Little did we know at 6 30 in the morning there would be a photographer on the beach who saw what was happening and captured every minute of it as we walked back to the car. He stopped us and said i hope you don’t mind, but i saw your proposal on the beach and i began to take pictures, i’d love to put these on disk and give them to you. Here’S my phone number call me and we’ll set up a time for you to pick them up.

Mark didn’t know this, but i had a deep desire that when someone proposed to me that it would be photographed, i’d never shared this with him, but god knew we got married in september of 2004 and decided. We were going to try to have children right away from our honeymoon night to seven years later. Nothing, we went through seven long years of trying to conceive and we were not giving up month after month. We thought this is the month. That’S going to happen, i could feel the symptoms and i would even be late sometimes, but month after month the test was negative or i got my period.

I cried every month for seven years. I would have to pick myself up off the bathroom floor. Wipe my tears wash my face and go tell my husband, the news. He would say it’s: okay, honey, we’ll keep trying it’ll happen. He was trying to be strong for me, but i knew he was devastated inside.

He just recently told me how it affected him as a man. He felt so unworthy. His self-esteem was low and he felt responsible, even though he wasn’t it was me. I was the one who had all these things, leading to my secondary infertility. It wasn’t him.

Finally, after seven years of trying, he looked me in the eyes and said it’s okay, if we don’t have any babies, we have alexa, my oldest daughter, i consider her my own daughter and i love her as my own. Let’S give it to god and let it go after this. There was a piece that came over us. It’S like we needed to get to that place. First, then, at the same time, we both felt like we should try one more thing: we needed to see a fertility doctor.

It was the first time it felt right to both of us. With the recommendation of a doctor, we decided to do ivf with a 23 chance of having twins. We had two embryos transferred mark, put his hands on my belly right after and asked god for twins. I remember this so clearly, then we waited. Finally, it was time for my blood test.

This blood test would determine if i was pregnant or not during those two weeks of waiting before the blood test. I remember feeling so many different emotions i felt pregnant and like it could be multiples, but then those familiar emotions would creep into my mind. To tell me it’s all in my head. I fought those thoughts and feelings. I had to choose to have faith that this would work.

I went home after the test and waited by the phone. It was just a few hours, but it felt like an eternity mark alexa and i sat by my phone. I was shaking when it rang. I answered the phone and held my breath. The nurse said: congratulations, you’re pregnant.

I was flooded with all these emotions that were bottled up as if i had them stored away. For this very moment, mark and alexa were speechless with excitement. It was a good day at our first ultrasound, the doctor started, searching and then said: here’s the first baby and here’s baby number two you’re having twins talk about being speechless again, wow what a gift from heaven twins. My twin boys were born at 36 weeks and four days ray and rylan were perfect. They were in the nicu for 48 hours and were able to come home with me.

It was a dream come true about a year later we had something we never expected happen. I got pregnant. Naturally we thought wow, it’s a miracle. A few weeks after i found out, i was pregnant. I started having severe pains, it was so bad.

My work at the time had to call an ambulance. I was misdiagnosed at the hospital and sent home, but then, four days later, i was home with the twins and alexa and i collapsed with severe pain. Thank god. My friend natalia had come to check on me right before this happened. I was rushed to the hospital again this time.

The doctor knew exactly what was happening. It was an ectopic pregnancy in the ultrasound they could see. My fallopian tube was about to burst. I had already been internally bleeding my husband and i had three minutes to hug and soak in what was happening. Then they came to get me the man apologized and said this was an emergency and i needed to get in the or right away.

When i woke up the doctor was there he said you’re very lucky, a couple more minutes, and i don’t know if you’d be waking up from this i’d been internally bleeding for a while, and it was a miracle everything went the way it did the moment she Went in my fallopian tube burst, the difference between life and death was just minutes, i’m so thankful. I survived. It took some years to have the courage to try again for another baby. We mourned we healed and we were finally ready again. We wanted to have one more baby.

In march of 2015, we transferred two embryos. Again, my husband made a joke as we walked out. He said. Imagine if we had triplets this time fast forward to our first ultrasound. The nurse practitioner saw one baby.

Then she saw two babies and then my husband asked: what’s that speck over there she looked and saw a third baby and last one for baby. When doctors showed the results, he asked the nurse to call the cops for this amazing news. I wish someone could have recorded our faces of shock, he squeezed my hand and i squeezed his no words came out of our mouths. The nurse practitioner was not optimistic. She said it might be a mucus sack or a blood sac.

It might not be there next time in our next ultrasound all three babies at heartbeats. The nurse practitioner was still not hopeful about the smaller baby. She said baby a was not growing fast enough and probably would not survive. We said no way all three babies will live. We prayed and knew deep inside they’d all be fine, baby, a for sure caught up 23 weeks later at 1 40 am i began to bleed not just a little.

It was a lot of blood. I thought i was losing the babies, my husband and i rushed to the hospital. After talking to my doctor, we prayed the entire way there. I was shaking, but had to remember the deep feeling we got in the beginning that we would all be okay. I had to stay strong for my faith when we got to the hospital the bleeding stopped.

It turned out, one of the placentas started to lift and cause the bleeding that morning was the last time i’d be home until the babies were born. I was on hospital bed rest for three and a half months. There were many difficulties, but my doctor was determined to keep these babies in until they were ready. Our goal was 35 weeks, but on the morning of the 33rd week and second day, they said i couldn’t eat or drink anymore. I knew something was going on.

Finally, my doctor came to see me. Baby a’s heartbeat had dropped the night before and he wasn’t taking any chances. He said, call your husband and tell him you’re having babies. Today that afternoon the girls were born, baby a’s name was ariana, baby b’s name is anjali and baby. C’S name is ava and baby d is named daniel.

They were in the nicu for about four weeks and came home right before the new year. What a joy it was all worth. Everything we’d been through our family was complete, alexa, ray rylan, ariana, angeli and ava and daniel were all gifts. We always wanted a big family and we got it. Seven children and only three pregnancies, but then it got even better.

I’M now a proud grandma of a beautiful little boy named jake. God is good. The fact that conception happens at all is truly a miracle failure of the sperm or ag to make an important connection anywhere along this complicated itinerary will prevent pregnancy from occurring. Something can be the best job in the world and also put you through your mental, physical and emotional paces. In a way you never dreamed possible.

Parenting is amazing, exciting, fascinating and delightful. It can also be exhausting, tough distressing and occasionally a bit nauseating being a mother to my baby without a doubt, but we must not think that career and motherhood are necessarily mutually exclusive. In fact, building a career can help us in motherhood. This baby is a future human adult family can really screw you up. If you don’t get it right, it’s difficult balancing what you want out of life and also raising a family.